Thrift Flip

Something a little different but i wanted to share with you a thrift flip I’ve been working on. I got this cute dress for my birthday from Zara. I love the print but the dress just didn’t do anything for me and my body shape. I’ve seen plenty of videos of thrift flips on youtube, my favourites are by With Wendy, and I thought why not give it ago myself.

I did a little poll on instagram to see what y’all thought i should make and you all voted for a cute top (if you don’t follow me on instagram hit me a follow for future votes and daily snippets of my life). It was between a cute top or a bucket hat & matching tote bag. I was hoping that I’d be able to make a top and a hat as the dress had a lot of fabric, it was like a tent of a dress when on. I started off with making the top and thankfully i had enough left for a hat too. I also picked up some white cotton for making the hat as i want it to be a reversible hat, this meant I only need enough fabric to make one side of the bucket hat which was easily achieved.

I actually have enough left to make an oversized scrunchie and a reasonable sized tote bag but let me tell you, this fabric is a bitch to sew with! On closer inspection of the garment I realised the whole thing had be constructed using an overlocker, which i do no process. After lots of f’ing and blinding with the fabric getting chewed up in my machine I finally had something that resembled a top. I really wanted to try out shirring but this fabric wasn’t the one for trying a new technique. For now I am really pleased with this cute top I’ve been able to flip from a dress i was never going to wear and that bucket hat is a real cutie! I will get around to making the oversized scrunchie and a tote as I don’t like to waste fabric but I’ve had enough of this trick fabric for a little while.

If you would like me to do a step by step tutorial post on how to make a bucket hat let me know in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to create one for y’all. Its actually fairly simple once you know how and I’m already planing lots more colour-ways.

Photos by Dave Cox & Amy Purfield-Clark

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