Vasquez Rocks

On Saturday we headed out for a drive to Vasquez Rocks, we also visited the Antelope Valley Poppy reserve but sadly no poppies just shit loads of locusts! I may have screamed the whole time while we did a little hike. It was very hot and extremely windy, which totally ruined my hair. Oh I know totally first world problem!

After our disappointing poppy reserve trip we headed to Vasquez rocks and they did not disappoint one bit. In-fact we all wished we had just visited here for the day. Some of you may recognise these rocks from a whole bunch of films and television shows. It really did feel like walking around something out of this world and could totally see why they use it for filming as the rock formations are so unreal and beautiful!

I was wearing sandals but felt my trainers were the better option for a hike and little bit of rock climbing so apologies they don’t quite go with my dress. As you can see from my face I am a hot sweaty (maybe even little sunburnt looking) mess. Even wearing factor 50 on my face didn’t save me from the hot as hell sun. Thankfully I didn’t actually burn my face and think it was just the heat. Dave and I would love the come back to Vasquez Rocks either early in the morning or in the Spring time when the sun isn’t as harsh.

Incase any LA based followers are thinking of heading up to Vasquez Rocks, trails are open but the Nature centre remains temporarily closed and park opening hours are slightly shorter due to Covid-19. I believe opening hours are operating as winter timings 8-5pm. Face masks/coverings are needed and keep 6 feet apart from others but thankfully the park is huge and you’re able to do so quite easily. They also have portaloos which is handy as it’s a fair old drive to get there.

Dress – Made by me
Bag – Warehouse (Sample Sale)
Trainers – Vans
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Photos by Dave Cox

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