Making An Appearance

I finally got around to finishing this dress. It’s only taken me a couple of months! I think i changed the sleeves about 10 times before finally landing on this style. I cut the pattern a little different as i originally wanted elastic straps but after failing to get them to sit right and unpicking my failed attempts multiple times I cut a small shoulder strap and attached that to the bodice and sleeves to that making the top half finally complete. For the bottom half i knew what i was hoping for and pretty pleased with how it turned out. I even had enough fabric for a hair scrunchie! This colour isn’t normally one I’d go for but Dave picked out the fabric and i”m really pleased with it.

Also, yes I’m trying to grow out my fringe. I’ve never not had a fringe, even as a child i had a full fringe. I thought lockdown was the perfect time to experiment and try growing it out. I’m hoping to end up with Bridget Bardot bangs by the end of it. If you’ve ever grown out a fringe you will feel my pain, this is infuriating and now i know why I’ve never attempted it before! I loved my full fringe but it’s far too warm for a fringe out in LA and living by the coast means a lovely sea breeze, which isn’t so lovely if you have a fringe and have to forever hold it down or readjust it. Let’s see how far i get before i cut it back in aye. Also I don’t fancy heading to the hair dressers right now, even if they are reopening now, plus I haven’t found a hair dresser to replace my babe of a hair dresser back home!

Dress & Scrunchie – Made by me
Espadrilles – Zara
Bag – Topshop
Sunglasses – RayBan

Photos by Dave Cox

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