Sunday Rituals

As I return to my little corner of the internet creating and posting. I want you to know that although i shall be posting my usual content, that does not mean I’m stopping taking action or learning in every part of my life, especially offline and taking actions beyond social media.

Back in London we used to have a Sunday ritual of walking to our favourite coffee shop one tube stop over, having breakfast and then walking back home through the common and often stopping to take some blog pictures. The last couple of Sunday’s we’ve got up early – 6.30am to be exact, I know what your thinking, thats bloody early for a Sunday! We get dressed and head to down to Venice beach for a walk and so that Dave can fly his drone, before it gets too busy and windy. The wind seems to pick up in the afternoons making it unsuitable for drone flying.

Then before heading back we stop for a coffee from Menottis, which has reopened for curb-side pick up. Don’t worry when in public/crowded spaces we wear our face coverings, its just too bloody hot to wear it all the time, plus it didn’t go with my outfit!

I took advantage of this new weekend routine and got Dave to take some pictures on the way back home. Plus as its super early there is hardly anyone around, meaning I can pose to my hearts content without anyone stopping to stare. Even after all these years when people stop and stare I get embarrassed. This brick wall we found might be my new favourite local location. It worked perfectly with my polka-dot dress. I must say i really love wearing this dress and so proud of how it turned out. Plus when people ask where it’s from and I get to say that I made it from scratch, including the pattern, it’s a pretty good feeling.

Photos by Dave Cox

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