Little Shorts

After watching a YouTube video, this one to be persist. I was thinking about what items I could upcyle in my wardrobe and thought to myself, I have some skirts I no longer wear. Next thing I knew I had made these little shorts, I even added pockets to this upgrade!

I used this skirt as my test subject, I didn’t like the length anymore but loved the tiny polka-dots and held onto it during the move. I much prefer a longer length midi skirt these days. I took the plunge and got to unpicking them and just went for it. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, although its very strange for me to have this much leg on show these days but I figure with the summer heat its time to try out shorts. Life is too short to worry about it.

I’m now planning to cut up this old floral midi next. I adore the print of it but I have the same issue with the length. I always try to make it work but always end up changing into something else. I’m enjoying giving things a new lease of life and its keeping me busy in the covid lockdown social distancing weird time were all in. I’m thinking of photographing the next making a skirt into short, would that be of interest to you? Give you a step-by-step guide?

*Affiliate links included

T-shirt – Everlane
Shorts – Vintage
Sandals – DKNY
Bag – Topshop
Sunglasses – RayBans

Photos by Dave Cox

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