A Tour Of My Wardrobe

A peek inside my closet!

One of my favourite things about our move to LA is the built in wardrobes and over all storage options we have in this apartment. In the bedroom we have two big built in wardrobes, one for me and one for Dave! A very big up-grade from our small shared wardrobe in London, where all my midi dresses were touching the wardrobe floor getting crumpled and it was packed so tightly we could never find anything!

I take great pride in keeping my wardrobe tidy and organised. We recently got these little fabric box draws from Wayfair. They aren’t as pretty as I hoped for but fits in the space perfectly without taking up too much hanging space and we only store our undies & socks they don’t really need to be too fancy now, do they. This side of my wardrobe houses all my t-shirts, jeans and skirt. Utilising the shorter length items above the draws. I’ve also hoped my hats on top of the draws but will eventually find a better storage solution for those.

My bags have pride and place taking over pretty much the whole of the shelf. Its great that I can see all the options and choose which goes best with my outfit for the day. Believe it or not, this is actually a fraction of the bags in had in London. I sold most of them on Depop or at a car boot, some I regret but I still have so many I can’t really complain. I have my hair bands, scarves and sunnies in these little storage boxes. We originally used them for our smalls but the draws are a much better solution! These fabric boxes makes it easy to grab my hair bands out and see which i want to pair with an outfit. I have my shoes running across the bottom on the floor, I have toyed with having a shoe rack but as I own mostly midid dresses I wouldn’t want to take away any hanging space.

This is my favourite side of the wardrobe, my piece-de-la resistance if you will, all my beloved midi dresses. I’ve organised them into colours and similar sleeve lengths within the colours. I just find it easier seeing all my white or rather monochrome dresses together and then all my pink/red floral beauts together.

I really wish I had photographs of my old wardrobe, so you can see what a real treat this bad boy is for me! Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my closet, if your anything like me, you’ll enjoy a good noise around. Whats your dream wardrobe set up? Let me know in the comments.

*Affiliate links included

Hangers – Amazon
(similar) Fabric Dresser – Wayfair
Ottoman Pouf – Wayfair
Mirror – Wayfair
Plant Pot – H&M
(similar) storage boxes – Amazon

Photos by Dave Cox

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