Staying-at-home Diaries:

Week Three & Four

I’ve now lost count of how long we’ve been social distancing for, I think it was the third week of March the stay at home order kicked in and we’ve been staying home ever since. I know I caused confusion as I didn’t start this mini series until a couple weeks back so it’s actually out fo skink with my true staying home week count. How is everyone doing? I have a couple of down days then some great days but mostly I’m doing good. I hope you all are too! The thing that I really struggle with is the insomnia I’ve been having, I usually sleep like a baby till the early hours of the morning but lately I’m turning into a night owl or I wake up between the hours of 3am – 5am then I’m sleepy all day, this is what causes me to have down days! Which then leads me to not feel creative and neglects all the things that bring me joy, like sewing and drawing but I’m feeling creative again so here’s a catch up of the last couple of weeks of photos I’ve been snapping on my camera..

What can I say about week three & four of lock down (bumper addition), its been a very good food & drink wise. We have eaten very well! I’ve been making egg muffins in a bid to cut down on bread and in the hopes they will fill us up for longer. At the weekend I treated us to fancy gluten free waffles and went all out with syrup too! We’ve added a couple new plants, a full length mirror and cute pouf to our home. I’ve done a hell-of-a-lot of baking! Brownies and banana bread cup cakes. All turned out very well! The banana bread cupcakes were birthday treats for our friend Andrew – the only person we see regularly due to covid as he lives alone & would be totally alone if we didn’t see him once a week. Plus who wants to spend their birthday on their own!?

I’ve created a couple of cession pieces for people which has been very cool and we’ve started a puzzle that I’ve borrowed off our new friends & Dave admitted he’s enjoying the puzzle too! I have my eye on this Simpsons one next conquest.

I tell you what, I can’t bloody wait for all this to be over so I can hang out with all my friends I’ve made out here and have a bbq!!

Photos by Dave Cox & Amy

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