Bedroom Dreaming

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Planning our bedroom decor

Now that we’ve finished our living room I’m starting to plan out how our bedroom should look. If you fancy taking a tour of our lounge head over here. Even though I’ve created this post I should say we’re a fair way off doing it. I mean, we’re still living off one income and Dave’s had to take a pay cut due to old ‘rona… So were a little way off buying things like side tables & that lush leopard shaped lamp (see below) and our dream pink neon but I can’t help but dream up how it’ll look and what type of things I’d love to style the space with.

The illustration above started out as a base for this post, I had thought about drawing it out to show Dave my vision and it turned into its own creation but the bed and rug are based on what we have, plus I really want this mid-century style bedside table with a little draw to hide my sleep spray, eye mask and ear plugs. We currently have dark grey bedding and are looking to swap it out for white, light pink or even this grapefruit shade of bedding. I love the look of the examples above and below, I want that fresh, bright and airy light look to our bed.

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We will be flooding our walls with pictures, some of my art work, some polaroids and lots of new prints. I would love light wooden frames but as we already have millions of black frames already (no exaggeration here, we really have sh*t loads of frames). We just couldn’t justify the cost of re-framing them all so will stick to our black frames. Above is a little mock up I made to see how our collection of Polaroid frames would work within a gallery wall and pretty pleased with how it turned out, disclaimer this is not to scale – the blank rectangle frames represent my collection of polaroids. It gives us a good idea of how it could work and which prints we would add to our collection and which of my illustrations would complement the prints I wish to purchase.

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A couple of things have been brought for the bedroom, we both now have draw storage for our smalls. These little storage draws have been a blessing and really helped organise our wardrobes. We’re lucky enough to have a double wardrobe each in this apartment! I will in fact do a wardrobe tour post for you at some point as it really is my dream set up!

Other new additions to the bedroom is this full length mirror, yes to mirror selfies! This sweet little rubber plant & gold pot and my velvet pouf. In this apartment we’ve got lots of little gold accents and I just love it. Feels luxurious and adds a feminine touch to our home. The gold pot was a recent H&M buy but I thought I was getting a small pot for our new shelving unit but got the measurements wrong and its a rather big pot, it moved into the bedroom and ties in the gold legs of the poof perfectly. This pouf has storage and is perfect for my hair styling tools and this is now my getting ready set up. I did toy with getting a pink stool but I just love this rich green shade we went for and thinking with some art work picking out the green as a highlight I’m hoping it’ll all tie in nicely.

Ottoman Pouf – Wayfair
Mirror – Wayfair
Plant Pot – H&M
Bed – Wayfair
Rug – Wayfair
Bedside Table – Wayfair
Leopard Lamp – Urban Outfitters

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been pinning inspiration images over on my Pinterest. I really enjoyed gathering inspiration for our bedroom and turning the images gathered into a little mood board to share with y’all. I want to create texture across the room, with soft bedding, nice rich wooden side tables and gold accents. Would also love to get a neon or a strong statement bedside lamp, like that lush leopard one below. I’m excited to create our gallery wall and really putting some personality into our currently pretty dull looking bedroom.

With Covid-19 we’re all spending more time at home and looking to update our spaces. Are you currently styling a room or looking to update a room in your house? I’d love to hear about any of your home decor projects and if you have any ideas for my bedroom, give me a shout, I’d love to hear them!

Image links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

All image used in mood boards are linked to original source below the image.

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