Staying Home

Staying home & creating new art work.

Following on from this post where I shared some ideas of things to do keep entertained while at home. I wanted to update you with the main thing I’ve been filling my time with and that is drawing. I’ve been creating lots of new art for my instagram and I’ve even created a couple of phone wallpaper/screen savers if you fancy getting one for your phone screen, just head over to my wallpaper highlights.

I think its safe to say my most recent work has a theme, I’ve been enjoying drawing bathrooms and playing with colours and prints. Each time I’m working on one I’m like its my favourite and then the next is my new favourite, my current top two are between the babe on the loo and the girl looking in the mirror. Now that mirror illustration was a toughie, trying to get that reflection looking on point. I’m really pleased with the direction of my drawings and the scenes are getting bigger and more detailed each time!

I’m also planning to get some fo these printed to hang in our bedroom. The bedroom drawing below actually started out as a way to share how I want to style our bedroom for a blog post and it turned out so well I added a girl and of course a cutie-pie pup too. I might re-visit it and processed with the bedroom post as thats our next house project as our living room is finally complete! Wahoo! If you fancy taking a peek at our living room head over here.

Also need to give a little mention to the girl holding her loo roll and wearing her ‘fashion’ face mask. Just a little tongue in cheek moment on the fact wearing face masks in public is the new normal here in LA. I’m enjoying the freedom and time I have on my hands to draw but man, I wanted to get myself a job, start making more friends and truly settle into life here in Los Angeles. In the mean time, if you’ve got any ideas of things I could draw or if you want a custom illustration holla at ya girl!

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark 

If you love my work enough to repost. Please: give a clear shout out to @illustrating_amy in the caption of the image. Do not alter the image. Do not use for promotional purposes without seeking permission first.

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