Staying-at-home Diaries:

Week Two

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend & Passover! If I’m honest I nearly forgot all about Easter, I guess with me not having a job to look forward to the long bank holiday weekend and with most of the US not seeing it as a bank holiday un-like the UK does, it very nearly slipped us by. That was until we received a cute easter card from Dave’s parents. In honour of easter I whipped together an illustration, I wanted it to be fashion but still easter related and you can see a sneak peek below but to see what I came up in full click here.

Over the weekend I made eggy cup, or in our household known as Grandma eggs. Essentially its two hard boiled eggs with butter, salt & pepper mashed together with a fork in a cup, usually served with toast, here we had sourdough muffins not that you can see them as the egg takes over. It was so good and transported be back to being a child and my grandma making me it for breakfast on weekends I would stay with her, such lovely childhood memories.

I also picked up some fresh flowers on our one trip to the supermarket. Having flowers in the apartment brings me so much joy! Once all this Covid-19 is over I want to get a couple more house plants as I love caring for them and watching them grow.

I also made my first ever lemon drizzle cake! It was a bit of a botch job as the supermarket didn’t have any flour choices left, ended up baking it with mostly flaxseed which made it look more like brownies than lemon drizzle. However, it was bloody tasty, I used lots of lemonade icing sugar to make the drizzle and have included a couple snaps below. Annoyingly I didn’t have a drying rack so used a baking tray to drizzle the icing over and wish I’d gotten a photo of it displayed on a lovely plate once it was finished instead of on the baking tray.

I took some snaps of the process and might write it up as a recipe post. I didn’t haven’t a few of the things that the original recipe called for and mine turned out really well. Makes me think its a good quarantine recipe as long as you have the basics you could whip up a cake too!

Ignore the half eaten one, that was me testing if it was lemony enough.

*Some affiliate links included

Daisy Print Dress – Primark
Pink floral dress – Zara
Glasses – Retro London via Glasses Direct
Face Vase – H&M HomeSofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair
Sofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair
Side Table – Wayfair
Table Lamp – Wayfair

Photos by Dave Cox

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4 thoughts on “Staying-at-home Diaries:

  1. Hello Amy, I have been following your blog for quite some time. I love your style and dresses. Just wanted to say, great job on your posts and I can’t wait for more pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I haven’t been actively blogging as much but plan to. Just updated my blog. The link should be working now.

        It would mean the world to me if you gave me your opinion on the layout. Will you be adding new What’s In My Bag Illustration posts? Those were so unique and interesting. xoxo


      2. I will check it out and report back, I’m always looking for new blogs to read!

        Yes, I have a long list of illustration posts I want to draw and I’ll add it to the list. Im glad you like them, I thought it was a fun take on the usual style posts. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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