Staying-at-home Diaries:

Week One

Ok, technically over here in LA, we are in self quarantining week 3 now but as this is the start of a new weekly diary I thought best to start off with week one, please indulge me if you will. I thought it would be fun to share some snaps I take throughout the week and share as a little diary update. It’s been grey and rainy here in LA for most of this week, which means not much new content to share from me but I do have a selection of snaps that were taken throughout last week and over the weekend that haven’t been shared.

I’ve been baking banana bread like everyone else on the internet it seems, I can’t go 5 minutes on Instagram without seeing someones banana bread snap pop up. I’m planning to have a go at making carrot cake next! Will keep you updated on how that turns out.

I’ve been creating lots of new art which I’ll be sharing here in due time, if you fancy a sneak peek head to my insta. I’m also working on a new dress, although this has been relinquished to weekends only, as during the week I have to fight Dave for kitchen island space. He’s using it for his WFH with two laptops and it leaves very little space for me and especially my sewing machine, that thing needs space!

I’ve been reading my Mary Quant book I got for Christmas and flicking though my Vogue magazine. Wondering about placing an Amazon order for some books, I’m bot usually one for reading as can find it frustrating with my dyslexia but when its a gripping story line I do love it.

I’ve been binge watching tv, some of my recent watches that I would recommend on Netflix is Tiger King and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Then on Amazon Prime we watched the film Knives Out, Harriet and have just stated Hunters, then over on HBO we watch McMillions. All very good and worth a watching if your looking for something to fill some time with. I’m working on a blog post full of my favourite films and TV shows to whittle away the evenings. Do let me know in the comments if you’ve got any films I need to add to the list and how you’ve been keeping boredom at bay.

Photos by Dave Cox

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2 thoughts on “Staying-at-home Diaries:

  1. We watched Knives Out last night – loved it! I’m also looking forward to After Life 2 which comes to Netflix on Friday and the new series of Sewing Bee which starts tonight, although I’m not sure you can get that in LA? Glad to hear you’re doing okay at this weird time. Take care x

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