Sunny Strolls

A lovely surprise

Last night the door bell went, it was around 7.30 pm, I looked at Dave puzzled as we weren’t expecting a delivery. I opened the door to receive a Boohoo parcel with my name on it. I was confused as I hadn’t ordered anything. I opened it and this green daisy print dress was inside, I said to Dave it has to be sent from my momma, who else could it be. Due to time zone difference I waited till this morning till I text her and yes it was sent by my mother. She knows my style so well, such a lovely surprise to receive!

When getting dress this morning I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and this afternoon I convinced Dave to join me for a social distancing walk/photoshoot. Thankfully hardly anyone was out, only a couple of dog walkers (we kept our distance) it was so lovely to be outside and wandering the grounds of our complex with all the tropical plants and some sunshine.

This lovely little surprise and getting out for a walk has really done wonders for my mood. Not that I was particularly down or anything, not compared to last weeks funk that took me ages to shake. I guess with all the news around this virus that you could be carrying and not know it and not to touch your face, which I always bloody do. I guess I got a little timid about going out and only going out if really necessary, like food shopping. Now I see that I need a walk and fresh air to keep my spirits up. I’m going to do my best to get out for a daily stroll, plus the weather is supposed to be nice this week. Soon as I got home I washed my hands just incase. Mostly I’m trying to keep things normal and continue as we would be. I’m applying for jobs and thinking up content to share. I’ve also been sewing and baking and enjoying watching tv. How are you all feeling and whats it like where you live? Thinking of you all and I’m here if you need or fancy a chat, my DM’s are always open over on Instagram!

*Some affiliate links included

Dress – Boohoo
Cardigan – H&M
Bag – Topshop
Sunglasses – RayBans
Sandals – DKNY

Photos by Dave Cox

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