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We’re on something like day 13 of social distancing and I must admit I’m starting to get a cabin fever. We’ve not really been outside unless we are going to the supermarket and one walk to the beach last weekend – which is now no longer allowed and the beaches of LA have been closed. Otherwise we have not been out, I’m missing mooching around the local stores and going for a coffee on Abbot Kinney. I think I might have to go for short strolls around our complex to stop me from going totally insane.

I feel very grateful to have Dave with me during this time. I’m really grateful for how easy it is to FaceTime family & friends and to have such a lovely space to be locked down in. Our living room has a few new additions since I last share snaps of it in this living room post. Annnnd seeing as were all in lockdown, thanks Covid-19. I thought now was the perfect time to show you around our new additions. I don’t know about you but I love a good nosy around other peoples homes and if your anything like me, you would too!

In the last month it really feels like our living room has really came together and is nearly compete – just missing a side table and lamp for the other side of the sofa by the front door. which we’ve ordered today and is coming next week.

I guess I’ll start with this chair & throw, which you’ll have seen these in this post. Since then we picked up this pillow from H&M. I love how it pulls the yellow out of the throw and stops it feeling too blue, plus I love the texture of it. I actually want to get a couple of the blush version of this pillow for the bedroom.

In this corner we have our new shelves, displaying some of our most loved treasures. We have lots of vintage cameras, we’ve collected over the years and this is a great way to show them off. Using gold elements to add texture to the shelving unit adds a softness and touch of femininity to a space that could easily become very masculine otherwise. It’s a good mixture of mine and Dave’s collection of things, from the Cheshire Cat we got in Disneyland Paris to the hockey puck Dave got as a child. Eventually I’d love to get a bell jar to sit over my Cheshire Cat & a trailing plant to sit at the top. Also while we’re at it, I would love a fig tree to go in the corner between the shelving and the white wall. I’m really pleased with the styling of these shelves and this little corner of our apartment.

*Some affiliate links included

Yellow pillow – H&M Home
Other Pillows – H&M Home
Wall Paint – Behr Paint via Home Depot 
Sofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair
Coffee & side table – Ross dress for less
Chair & poof – Ross dress for less
Blanket Throw – Benevolence LA
Plant – La Belle Plants
T & L prints – Lucy Loves This

Tea Cup – H&M Home
Face Vase – H&M Home
Neon – AOOS
Coasters – Paperchase
Lader Shelf – Scandinavian Designs
Planter Legs – Mkono
Jar Lamp c/o Laura Ashely (hot wheels brought by Dave)
Plant Mister – Urban Outfitters
Gold Vases – John Lewis

*Some affiliate links included

Due to the shelving we have moved the round side table to the opposite corner and it has brought me so much joy. My Laura Ashley lamp is now filled with Dave’s collection of hot wheels. Back in London Dave had filled the glass jar with ticket stubs from car events and it just wasn’t working for me, I had a eureka moment and suggested filling it with the hot wheels Dave had been buying from the supermarket and looks SO MUCH BETTER!!! We popped this vintage camera that Dave’s cousin Tommy gave us and a Mickey figure I picked up at Disneyland back last December.

Our newest plant is a mother-in-laws tongue and we’ve named him Troy, love his turquoise pot and the mid-century legs are from Mkono. They are great value and beautifully made. It fits with Troys pot perfectly, they are a little bit big for Ralph but at the rate he’s been growing I think we’ll need to repot him soon up to an 8inch so that’ll solve that problem for now I love the height it gives them. Lots of pictures we need to hang, most of these will be going in the bedroom which is our next big project.

Photos by Dave Cox

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