Baking Brownies

Today I was feeling the need of a pick me up and while in the supermarket this morning I grabbed this Betty Crocker’s gluten free chocolate brownie mix.

After lunch I did a little baking and boy the results were good. Not only did they taste delicious but the therapeutic task of baking did wonders for my mood. Especially as this is the easiest and cheat way to bake.
Over all I’m doing ok, I had a couple of down days but considering were hardly going out its not surprising. Thankfully after a much better nights sleep, a chat with my family over FaceTime and a bit of baking I’ve managed to come through the down days and feeling more positive again. I’m planning lots of content which really helps keep me motivated and positive too!

I do enjoy baking, even tho I’m not the best at it and love making my banana bread from scratch but today I fancied baking the lazy way. All I had to do was empty the bag mixture into a large mixing bowl, add two table spoons of water, two eggs, melt some butter and stir it all up. For extra gluttony I added marshmallows in the hopes there would be pockets of chewy marshmallows in the middle but alas they just caramelised up, still bloody tasty though! Within half an hour we were drinking cups of tea and munching on warm brownies. The perfect afternoon snack!

Like mentioned above I’m working on some new content as it really helps me stay positive. I find creating really helps me, I hope your all looking for a little light relief from the news! Andddd my DM’s are open if anyone’s in need of a chat over on Instagram! Hope you are all well and staying safe!

Photos by Dave Cox & Amy

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