Time for some self-care

I can’t ignore how weird things are at the moment, I have readers from all over the globe and that right now we’re all going through an uneasy time. Now I’m not here to preach about what you should do, we’re all adults and can make your own minds up, and follow the advice of your retrospective governments about self isolating and social distancing. Instead I want to keep things ticking over like normal on this blog of mine and give you a slice or normality.

Whether your self-isolating or just spending a little more time indoors and away from crowds. I wanted to share some ideas of how you can spend your time in-doors.I know it helps me to stay busy and staying creative. Especially when the media is creating such uncertainty and sheer panic. Just going to the shops for groceries was anxiety educing, let alone watching the news!

Here are my top picks of what to do with your self isolation time:

I’m taking this time to have make-up free days, letting my skin breathe and doing one of those many face-masks I’ve been stock pilling in the bathroom cupboard for just this situation.
Taking long baths, with a scented candle lit, face-mask on and either a cup of tea or glass of wine in hand, depending on the time of day. Taking the time to paint my nails, I love having my nails painted but don’t often have time to do but this is the perfect opportunity.

Time for you:
Read that book you’ve been wanting too but haven’t had time, nows the time to make a dent in that book pile you’ve been collecting. Time to get creative, this could be drawing or finishing that sewing project you’ve had on the go for months. Get baking, I know I’m planning to make my banana bread, here’s my recipe if you fancy making it too! Listen to your favourite alum, music does wonders for enhancing my mood. Binge watch a Netflix series, re-watch your favourite film and enjoy being lazy in-front of the tv.

Good sort out:
Sometimes you can’t beat a good clean, I know I always feel better after deep cleaning the bathroom. Now might be a good time to have a good clean and beat those germs into submission. After you’ve had your cleaning session you could also re arrange your living room, try mixing up your wall art or creating an instagramable corner, as we can’t get out an about to get that perfect gram shot, make one in your own home. Now could be a good time to sort through your wardrobe, try things and have a play about with styling things up to work out what still works, what doesn’t. Create piles for Depot/Ebay and a pile to donate.

If it’s right for you take time off social media and unfollow those that are giving you anxiety. I know there are a few accounts I usually love but are currently being very judgemental about choice others are making and I’m just not here for it, so for now I will be unfollowing them as thats what’s best for me.
Lastly I’m here if you want to talk, I know how this uncertainty can wreak chaos on us and our mental health. I just want to let you know I’m here if you need a chat, my DM’s are always open for a chat over on Instagram! All thats left to say is, stay safe folks and wash your hands 😉

This week on over on my illustration Instagram account you’ll be able these drawings in a variation of skin tones & hair colours. I feel it’s important for all to be represented and I try my best to do so.

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

Published by Vintage Reflection

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2 thoughts on “Time for some self-care

  1. What a lovely note to end on, Amy! I’m not self-isolating (yet) but I’ve made sure I’ve got a stack of unread books ready and even ordered a beginner’s cross stitch kit today – no idea why, just thought it might be something new and mindful to try! Take care of you x


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