Things I’m Thankful For

I have a lot to be thankful for recently and today I wanted to share a little bit of positivity, especially with all the scary news about coronavirus. Firstly I hope your all well and sending positive vibes to anyone who’s affected. This is also a good chance to catch y’all up on life lately. Here’s what’s new with me at the moment…

  • My EAD work permit & social security number arrived! That means I’m now legal to work in the USA. My resume and portfolio is ready to go and I’ve started applying for jobs. Fingers crossed I land my dream job very soon!
  • Getting creative – back at the beginning of the year I set myself some goals to work towards and pushing my creativity was one of them. Including creating lots of new content for this blog I also wanted to push my drawing and sewing. I’ve recently made a couple new dresses and I am really enjoying the challenge. I’ve been using my old sewing machine from the UK – which is rather slow and laborious as it does not pull enough power through US plugs, we’re looking at getting me a US model later this month and I can not wait!
    I’ve made two dresses, one of which you can see here and I’ll be sharing the other next week. I even cut the pattern for my 3rd dress and I’m excited to get sewing it! I might rope Dave into taking some snaps and maybe even a video of the process to show you, if that would be something you’d be interested in seeing?
  • Home update – the living room is very near completion. We picked up this very amazing chair from Ross dress for less and this throw from Benevolence LA and we love it! If you’re not familiar with this brand I suggest checking them out. Not only do they have great style but they do good too, with lots of giving back to charity. This weekend we are picking up some sweet looking shelves we’ve ordered and I can not wait to style them up with our vintage cameras and trinkets. I will of course update y’all with pictures once we have them.
  • Dave was away with work for two weeks – thankfully he’s back now – in that time I watched some good girly feel good TV. I was mooching around looking for something easy to watch and found Katy Keene. It’s mainly about a girl and her best friends living in New York City and struggling to make it in their chosen career fields. After a quick google search it turns out to be a spin-off of Riverdale. Which I’ve not seen so might give that a whirl too. It’s a little cheesy and very practicable but easy watching and it reminds me of the days I was a personal shopper for Topshop and Visual merchandiser creating window displays. I’m five episodes in and its a fun watch. Also on Hulu I watched Dollface, in fact I managed to blast through the series in three days (perks of being unemployed I guess) and pleased to hear they have renewed it for a second season. Dollface is much more my type of program. It’s very funny, its a bit kooky and lots of girl power. If your after a feel good watch I’d recommend it!
*Some affiliate links included

Chair – Ross dress for Less
Coffee & Side Table – Ross dress for Less
Blanket – Benevolence LA
Plant – La Belle Plants
Neon – AOOS
Sofa – Wayfair
Rug – NuLoom via Wayfair
 Pillows – H&M Home

I got the idea for this post after seeing Kate’s post about five good things and thought it was a really good idea and use it as a little time to catch you up on things that have happened lately. Whats new with you, what are you thankful for?

Photos by Dave Cox

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