Quintessentially Me

I originally wanted to get this post up for my birthday but as it took me a while to draw everything that didn’t happen. I had the idea to create a post with quintessentially me items. I asked a couple of my friends what came to mind when thinking of me. They said a couple of them said some of the same things, like red lipstick, midi dresses, trainers and plant momma. In fact they messaged me with a huge list and most of the things I’ve drawn were on that list.

Now one of the things I miss about Friday evenings back in the UK is when going food shopping and picking up a couple of G&T’s in a tin, they have plenty of alcohol to choose from over here but no hardly little G&T tinnies! Other things that are quintessentially me are my love of tortoiseshell sunglasses, I really have a type when it comes to my shades. They do vary in shape and I have the odd pair that aren’t tortoiseshell to add variety but over all they all look very similar. I guess I like what I like aye. I’m slowly rebuilding my plant collection after having to re-home all my plant babies before moving out here, let me tell you that was a sad day, actually that was one of the hardest things about moving. I had some of those plants for more than eight years. Another thing that is very me, is my love of accessories, wether thats for my hair, a cute neck scarf or a statement bag, I sure love and accessory! Hope you enjoy seeing all the things that I love and aren’t often found without them.

What items would you say are quintessentially you? I’d love to know.

  • Red lipstick
  • Midi dresses
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Red nails
  • Cameras & photographs
  • Tortoiseshell retro style sun glasses
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Love of prints: Polka-dots, leopard & florals print
  • Tote bags
  • Plants
  • Trainers
  • Hair accessories
  • Hats, I love a beret & a fedora
  • Cute handbags
  • Elderflower Cordial
  • Laptop & drawing

Illustrations by  Amy Purfield-Clark

Published by Vintage Reflection

Lifestyle - Food- Travel - Personal Style

3 thoughts on “Quintessentially Me

    1. I am here for your quintessentially you picks! I always long to push the boat out with my nail colour choice and have a Pinterest board full of amazing nail ideas but always go back to red. I guess, I’m stuck in my ways! x


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