Can’t find it – make it

A couple posts back I mentioned how I’ve been feeling like I’m in a style rut and how I was planning to take a load of my hardly worn clothing down to a vintage store and either swap for cash or store credit and try find myself some new garms to satisfy my need for newness in my wardrobe. Well I did that but unfortunately I could not find one single item in store that fitted or was what I was after. There were a few things I liked but not enough to warrant taking home. In the end I exchanged my items for cash and walked away with $30.

I had planned to treat myself and Dave to a coffee over the weekend but while we strolled past the fabric store and took a little peak inside and I found this fabric. Dave agreed I should buy it and make my own dress. I soon snapped up three yards of the fabric and was on my merry way home to get cutting and sewing. Now I must add I did my degree in fashion and clothing but that was many moons ago, I’m used to taking up the odd hem or making curtains for our old flat but it had been a few years since I made a full dress.

For the pattern I used a dress that fitted me perfectly to measure and trace to make a new pattern, adjusting it to have a square neckline and block shoulders. I used news paper to draw and adapt the pattern, I should probably invest in craft paper for future patterns, once happy with my pattern pieces I got cutting out and sewing. I even added pockets to the dress and plan to make some more dresses for summer. I think its pretty clear from the photographs I’m happy as punch with my sewing efforts and its really helped me get out fo that style rut. I have a head buzzing full of ideas for more dresses and different sleeves. I might even rope Dave into helping me film & photograph the making process, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing?

*Affiliate link included

Dress & Scrunchie – made by me
Jacket – Oasis
Trainers – Vans
Basket Bag – Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses – DKNY

Photographs by Dave Cox
Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

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