Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

While mooching online for what to spend my birthday money on and while searching the stores I came across some cute things on H&M and Topshop. After putting a few things on new tabs to come and take a better look at, I thought it would be fun to create a casual wardrobe wish list. Its been a while since I’ve done an illustration wish list and I really enjoyed it. In fact I’m heading to H&M to try that floral midi dress on tomorrow! I’m also a huge fan of these leather glove shoes from Topshop, just wish Topshop wasn’t so expensive over in the US. I’m after some nice everyday shoes like these, if you’ve seen any holla at me.

*Affiliate links included

Topshop Blazer
Topshop Jeans
Topshop Leopard Print Blouse
Topshop T-shirt
Cream Topshop Shoes
Topshop Suit Trousers
Topshop Bag
H&M Pink Dress
H&M Floral Dress
H&M Bucket Hat
H&M Hair Band
H&M Earrings
H&M Cardigan
H&M Black Dress

I ended up having a little blog break I didn’t mean too. I started creating some new illustrations which I’ll share in due time. I’ve also been celebrating my birthday and nursing the hangover from hell! I’ve also been making a dress, which I’m hoping to get some snaps of it over the weekend. Planning to be back up to my two posts per week goal next week!

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

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