Old Favourites

I’ve been in a style rut of late, I’m one of those people that usually likes to treat themselves once a month on payday. I know it’s bad and a habit I should probably break but I like to treat myself to a new item of clothing, it could be high street or second hand, an accessory or a new bit of make up. Back in London I worked in fashion and its hard not to want the latest thing or update your wardrobe, especially when you working in an office and everyone else seems to have endless wardrobes with constant new clothing.

Now I’ve not been able to do that since July, and yes its torture! I am so ready to be earning again. I can’t wait for my work permit to be in so I can get myself a job and start to fill those gaps I’ve found in my new permeant summer wardrobe. I’ve also found I owned a lot more winter appropriate clothing vs summer and as we no longer live in London where its bloody cold right now, I’m finding lots of my clothing isn’t suitable for the sunny weather. I mean it’s February and it was 25 degrees at the weekend, that’s unheard of in the UK! I’m also planning to take a load of my more wintery clothing down to a vintage store and either swap for cash or store credit and try find myself some new garms to satisfy my need for newness in my wardrobe.

I’ve also been trying to shop my own wardrobe and bring out some items I’ve long forgotten. This dress is a firm summer favourite and to mix it up a little I grabbed my fedora. Now if you’ve been following my blog or instagram for some time you’ll know I love a good hat and a couple years back I had a fedora pretty much glued to my head. It’s been a while since I’ve worn it but I’m pleased to announce its back. Plus in LA it seems the fedora or any large brimmed hat never went away, they are everywhere, people even where them to bars in the evening. I’m thinking I’ll fit in nicely to the LA style culture.

Dress c/o Collectif
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Bag – M&S
Trainers – Vans
Sunglasses – Zara
Hat – Urban Outfitters

Photos by Dave Cox

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