Daily Make Up

My Daily Make Up Favourites:

I wanted to share some of my everyday make up with you. Starting with IT cosmetic CC cream, honestly this has changed my life, no really, gone are the days of heavy foundation. This full coverage dewy beaut is my absolute favourite base I’ve ever used. I’d like to add to my IT cosmetics collection with the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, as I’ve heard very good things about it! If I get my hands on it I’ll report back with my findings.
When I get break-outs I still use a concealer underneath the CC cream but most days I’m able to let the CC cream do its business without having to layer up, that’s one of the reasons I love it so much, doesn’t make my skin feel heavy and clogged, plus it leaves me glowing.

Now that our base is covered onto the fun stuff. I swear by blushers from Nars. In the past I’ve had Orgasm & Bumpy Ride and currently I have Torrid, its a nice coral peachy shade. It gives me just enough warmth colour on my cheeks without being over the top.

For lippie my most recent favourite was a Christmas present from my Mother, this dreamy red one is from Becca. Which is honestly a new brand to me but I’ve since seen it featured in Vogue magazine and after a google search I’m rather taken but the brand. Also the lip stick is creamy, nourishing and lasts for hours. I’m really impressed with it. When I’m not wearing lipstick I’m never without lip balm and this Glossier one gives me a bit of colour without needing to wear lipstick.

My current mascara is one I picked up from Primark for £3 on a friends recommendation and it really is good. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it runs out, maybe get my friend to ship one over for me! I don’t wear it everyday but when I do, my go to eyeliner is this waterproof one from Urban Decay. Its in a felt-tip style and makes it much easier to apply.

*Affiliate links included

Blusher – Nars
CC Cream – IT cosmetics
Lip Balm – Glossier
Mascara – Primark
Eyeliner – Urban Decay
Lip Stick – Becca
Hand Cream – &Other Stories
Nail Polish – Rite Aid

Photos & illustrations by  Amy Purfield-Clark

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