Natural Light

One of my goals for 2020 is to start taking more of my own photographs. I always rely so heavily on Dave to take them. I will of course still rope him into taking pictures but I would like to the times I do get his help to be more editorial and less day to day snaps. Of course if we’re out an about and I happen to be wearing a cute outfit and he happens to have his camera on him, I no doubt will be putting him to work. I would just like not to rely on him as often as I do currently.

With the afternoon sunlight in our flat being so dreamy. I got my camera out to take some snaps. I set up the tripod, connected my phone to my camera and got snapping. I didn’t really have much of a story to tell and really these snaps were more of a practice, trial and error shoot. Being proud of my afternoons handiwork I showed Dave on his arrival home from work. He suggested I Do more close ups and detail shots – I will do that next time!

Knowing I was planning to shoot and with the light being perfect I quickly got changed out of my comfy house clothes – my basic joggers and house jumper – and put on what turned out to be a relatively chic look. I added my neck scarf for that little extra jazz and also to hide my tasty lil burn from my curling wand. My neck has literally only just healed from a burn in the exact same spot, will I ever learn.

Top & Jeans – Everlane
Shoes – Office
Belt – Topshop
Scarf – Vintage

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