Looking back

I couldn’t let this year or even this decade end without saying a few words..

As the end of year, and the end of the decade is in sight I can’t help but reflect. I’ve seen plenty of those 2009 vs 2019 posts floating around on instagram, fear not I won’t be sharing any snaps of 2009 Amy on here but they are some beauts from 2011 in the archives of this blog if you really wanted to see them! I will be sharing some of my highlight photographs though as well as a little ramble about the last decade.

Life –

This year has had some pretty big changes. I’ve left my job I worked at for nearly 5 years, said goodbye to friends & family upping sticks and moving halfway across the world, to start a new life out here in LA (well at least out here for the next 3 years).

Like I mentioned above its been a busy old year and in fact so have the last ten.
In the last decade, I met the love of my life Dave, we moved in together, we moved to London, got engaged and then got married. I’ve completed a masters degree, got a promotion at work, moving from retail, working in store as visual merchandiser to a head office role as a visual comminations coordinator, something I had been working toward for what felt like years.

Some true highs but with the highs come the lows, the biggest low being having to saying goodbye to my best friend, sidekick and ultimately best dog ever. My dear Coco died nearly 2 years ago now. I miss him dearly and not a day goes by where I don’t think of him and his cute lil face!

Blog –

Looking back at the blog, in the blogging hay day I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris, London Fashion Week, salon visits, restaurant reviews and so much more. I’ve been very lucky with some of the opportunities I’ve been able to take advantage of.
I originally started it in 2009 but after a stint of self hosting, swapping back to a hosted site I managed to lose a couple years off my archive – which is sad but also I saved you from very old, didn’t know what I was doing photos and ramblings. Now the blog goes back to 2011 but there are still some gems in the early years of this blog. I also lost all my subscribers in the move, which became very disheartening as I had worked so hard to build a following, alas these things happen 😦

This definitely lead to a couple years of irregular posting, being in a funk and not seeing the point. With blogging ever changing, the decline of people actually reading blogs and with the rise of Instagram. Which now seems to be where the main focus is how many followers you have and its all about the one image that will stand out on the feed and making sure your top nine are looks slick as ever, all the time. You can never let it slip as you’ll lose followers. All that just got me feeling like I had lost my way and why was I still doing this? Some of it is about comparing myself to others that have huge success. In some ways it means if I stop trying to chase the dream, that this, this blogging thing could be my full time job and get back to it being a hobby. And hobby’s are meant to be fun not a chore. it actually worked and became a creative outlet once more.

Thinking this way has given me my creative freedom back, to produce the things I want not what I think will be popular on instagram. Slowly but surely in recent months I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back – maybe it’s the nearly 3 months of not working to finally kick my arse in gear, who knows? But I’m back in the swing of things and really enjoying it again. I for one am glad I still have this creative outlet and will continue to create content until it’s no longer fun anymore. I enjoy putting together posts, picking outfits for the pictures, taking and editing pictures, writing out my feelings and compiling it all together in one post for y’all to read. Its fun for me and I hope you enjoy the content I’m creating too!

Style –

In the last decade I’ve also seen my style change. I used to be a total vintage vixen, only wearing second hand garms’ hardly wearing anything from the high street. It was all about vintage, second hand or customised clothing. Apart of me is sad this isn’t the case anymore but I guess over the years things have changed. I still have plenty of vintage handbags, coats and the odd skirt or dress in my wardrobe. Its just these days I don’t have the time to scour the racks of vintage to hunt out that gem but when I do I bloody love it. My tastes have changed and I’m more ok with re-wearing and re-styling the same item over and over again, I’m more conscious of fast fashion, although I still fall vicim to the high street. I am trying to be more conscious about what I buy, if it will go with other items in my wardrobe, how much wear will I realistically it get out of it and do I really need it? These are questions I ask myself before every purchase.

I also read this post by Liv and it resionated with me. It has me reflecting on my style and in fact the last 10 years. It has me thinking how I’d look back at my style in the next 10 years to come. I think my style is less fussy than it used to be. I’d say I still love a good statement accessory. I still love print and colour but my hem lengths have become midi rather than mini. I’d much rather be comfy and in trainers than fancy shoes. The odd occasion an outfit calls for it I like a block low heel not into the thin stiletto heels, no thank you!

Overall really pleased with my life over the last ten years, I’ve achieved lots and I’m proud of myself. I’m excited to see what the next ten years has install for me.

How’s the last decade been for you? Any big milestones achieved? How’s your style developed over the years?

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