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My everyday saviours –

These are the beauty products that I keep reaching for since moving to Los Angeles. Since we moved my skin has erupted and I’ve had so many spot its crazy. I’ve come to realisation that at 32 years old I still get bad skin and probably will forever, every month I get normal hormonal spots and if I get run down or eat junk food it shows in my skin. It’s been getting me down and I thought it was time to take action on a recent shopping trip I visited Glossier & Sephora and picked up some new goodies to try.

These are the products that have been helping my skin get used to it’s new LA lifestyle and saving me when the time of month rolls around. Next period I plan to take snaps of skins journey to show you how these products really help. Which will be after our flight back home for Christmas, my skin is going to be delightful after an 11 hour flight too!

Every morning I wash my face with Cera Ve foaming cleanser and then moisturise with Hydrate + Glow before putting my IT cosmetics CC foundation on as this is great to use as a make-up primer too. This cleanser is really good, it sorted out Dave’s skin and really helps with my breakouts and is great for sedative skin.

Every evening I take my make up off using Garnier’s Micellar cleansing water, I find this is the best thing for my sensitive eyes and gets my mascara off wonderfully. I then wash my face with Cleanse + Tone from Sephora. I actually brought this cleaners, mud mask and moisturiser in a set for $20. I wanted a new moisturiser that wouldn’t bankrupt me and thought id give the whole set a go and I’m really pleased I did. I really like the smell of this two-in-one cleanser and toner with its extracts of Aloe Vera it really soothes my skin. After drying my face I then moisturise with Hydrate + Glow, unless using my Glossier Solution then I do this after that’s dried into my skin.

Every other night I use the Glossier Solution, this exfoliating skin perfector is an acne treatment. Its 10% AHA/BHA/PHA salicylic acid. This is great but boy is it strong, it brings all the spots to the surface then starts clearing them up, I use this every other day as feel its a little too strong for my skin as I’ve previously used Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant (which although running out of I still use on the days I don’t use Glossier). The 2% of Paula’s choice is good for spots but not for clearing the small bumps I get on my jaw line. I’m still working on the right balance of 10% solution for my skin, if I don’t use itI’m spotty if I use it too much I get even spottier, I’ve started to dab a small amount just on the effected areas and its doing its job. I’ll see how I get on with it over the next couple of months. Next I want to try the Glossier zit stick as I’ve heard really good things about it!

In this Sephora Collection Essentials Kit is a complete three-step skin care routine to pamper yourself and take care of your skin. Which conertates on belmishes, pores, and dryness – all the things my skin suffers from. its really good value for all three products! The mask it great at drawing out all the nasties from spots, I use it one a week and when I have a large spot coming (I’m lucky and get really large boil like spots, I know lucky me aye!) I pop a small amount of the mud mask over that spot and let it do its thing of drawing it out and I can see a noticeable reduction in the size of the spot after using it.

*Affiliate links included

Lip Balm – Glossier
Exfoliating Solution – Glossier
Hydrate + Glow –Sephora
Cleanse + Tone – Sephora
Purifying Mud Mask – Sephora
Garnier’s Micellar Water – Boots
Cera Ve – Foaming Cleaner
Essie – Boots

Photos & Illustration by Amy Purfield-Clark

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