Chasing Shadows

I bought this top the day before we moved to Los Angeles, I haven’t been able to wear it as I packed all my jeans in the shipping container that took three and a half months to arrive from London. Finally I’m able to wear my new top! It’s probably a good thing it took so long as it’s only just starting to cool down here, with temperatures around the 20 degree mark – which really isn’t cold compared to London temp but when you’ve gotten used to 30+ degrees it feels chilly. In-fact I’ve just checked the weather and it’s going to be as low as 12 degrees this week! I guess it’s preparation for Christmas and being back home in cold, rainy Blighty.

I felt a bit rusty posing for these snaps – real talk, I felt VERY RUSTY, like it couldn’t remember how to pose. I can’t recall the last time we stopped to take outfit snaps. In-fact the last time we took any proper photographs was on our trip to Vegas.
We found a quiet spot behind our building and got snap happy. Now I’m off to make a cup of tea and get some posing ideas from Pinterest and practice them in the mirror for next time.

Jacket – Zara
Top – Primark
Jeans – New Look
Trainers – Vans
Handbag – Topshop
Beret – H&M

Photos by Dave

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