Inktober – Round Up

Some of my favourites from Inktober

It’s over, challenge complete, all 31 illustrations are done. I thought I would share some of my favourite illustrations I created throughout the month of Inktober.
To see all the drawings I created head over to my instagram or my YouTube for chatty round up videos.

Over the years I’ve seen different illustrators take up the Inktober challenge but have never joined in until this year. This is for a number of reasons, firstly I didn’t have a laptop of my own to use and secondly, I was working full time. Since moving to LA and having to wait for my work permit before I can get a job, I’ve had time to dedicate to my drawing.

Like I mentioned above I now have time to spend on creating art. Over the last couple of months I’ve been pushing my drawing skills and I can really see the improvements, with the hopes to maybe start selling digital prints, maybe even designing some Christmas & birthday cards too. I’ve had so many ideas whirling around my head and when I saw artists starting to talk about Inktober I knew it was the right year for me to take up the challenge. I jotted down all my ideas of what styles & inspiration of illustrations I wanted to create down in my note book, then on the first of October it began.

It’s been really hard to narrow down my favourite drawings for this post, there’s been so many I am proud of and can’t believe I was able to create that in one day. With some deigns taking well over six hours and others less detailed taking an hour or so. I think my over all number one favourite has to be the babe & cat sitting on a cocktail chair at home, closely followed by this tropical leaved girl holding a pineapple. I’ve included some other favourites too and would love to know which out of this post or even all 31 illustrations is your favourite?

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

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2 thoughts on “Inktober – Round Up

  1. Love this Vintage Connection. We just launched a video challenge app called HeatingUp and are running a flipbook challenge right now. I think your submission would be awesome. Winner gets $100 gift card and a permanent spot in our Hall of Fame. Any interest? And no this is not a bot lol


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