Road Trip

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

An ambition of mine & Dave’s has always been to road trip across part of America in a muscle car and to remedy that Dave picked a car from the Hertz American collection. He went for the Dodge Challenger, now this was a sweet ride.

We started planning out our route, this is something Dave excels at. He did lots of research and with a couple of instagram pins I found, thrown into the mix, we had our route set. Now let me tell you we have some golden instagram spots on this journey. The drive would usually take about 3-4 hours but we took our time and did it in a day. I have so many photographs that I’m splitting our stops into a couple posts.

Fist stop of the day was El Mirage, which is a dry lake bed in the northwestern Victor Valley of the central Mojave Desert, within San Bernardino County, California. There was lots of people on motorbikes in the far distances. Directly where we parked up we could hardly see anyone on the horizon. It was the perfect spot for a car photographer to take some snaps of his dream car. The only thing wrong was the heat, now this place was hot! Thankfully we had bottled water with us but couldn’t stay outside for too long so it was onto our next stop of the day.

Our second stop of the day was to Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, which is a free art installation in the middle of nowhere, it really is the weird and wonderful side of America. This beautiful installation was created by Elmer who sadly passed away earlier this year.
I did a little research and Elmer filled his front yard with a forest of bottle trees, with over 200 trees made from upright metal pipes bristle with discarded glass bottles on every welded branch, I didn’t realise while we were there that it was created in his yard. It turns out he erected his first bottle tree in 2000 and the collection grew from there. Its a fun stop off to stretch your legs while out on the road, plus its on the original Route 66 which is pretty cool!

We stopped at Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner for lunch, this place was a lot of fun. Really kitsch and stuck in a time warp but in a good way! The waitresses had the cutest uniforms on and were really friendly. I had tuna & cheese melt on sourdough bread with curly fries and a side salad. It was epic and just what I needed after the morning spent in the car. Dave also had a toasty with fires and homemade slaw. After lunch we had a gander in the gift shop, I picked up a new mug. Which I’ve not spotted using since we’ve been home. Its nice to have something of our own – were in rented accommodation until later this month when we move into our own place and our shipping container arrives with our belongings, more on that soon!

I really enjoyed our visit to Peggy Sue’s and it was perfect lunch spot to break up our day. I loved our road trip and we will defiantly be doing another one and hopefully we’ll be making another stop to Peggy Sue’s. I also created a vlog of our trip which I’ve included below.

Photos – Dave & Amy

If you would like to follow in our footsteps (tire tracks) Dave has made a google maps link with all the stops mentioned in this post.

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