Week One: Living in LA

Thats a wrap on week one!

I still can’t believe that we are now living out here. I’m still having pinch me moments. This week has mostly involved settling into our new life, our new apartment and doing paper work – for my EAD work permit and for our social security numbers.

I’m working on some posts sharing more of our new neighbourhood – there are so many good shops around and places to eat! For now, here are some snaps taken in the grounds of our apartment complex. I’m in love with all the plants and how green the grounds are. Plus there are so many dogs around, for anyone of my friends, know this is a big bonus for me! I think I’m going to enjoy living here.

What I’m wearing –
Dress – Zara
Bag – Topshop
Hairband – Primark
Adidas Trainers – Episode Vintage

Photos – Shooting Dave

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4 thoughts on “Week One: Living in LA

    1. Sadly Coco died just over a year ago. He was very poorly and getting old. Miss him daily! If we choose to stay here permanently, we will get a pooch. I guess it made it easier to make the move, I would never of moved if Coco was still here. xx


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