Going for a hike…

Joshua Tree Part 2

Here is my final instalment of my trip to the USA and my last post from the beautiful Joshua Tree National park. I mean, just look at this landscape. I’ve never seen anything like it, so beautiful! Thankfully we are heading back to LA later this year and I’m really excited to head back here and do more exploring.

Yet again, I’m wearing a rather impractical outfit for our hike but you know what, I was comfy and managed to climb to the top of a very large and rocky hill. Also a little tip, if heading out here in December, wear more layers than I am. It was fine while the sun shined but when the sun went behind the clouds it was bloody cold. Next time I’ll wear hiking boots and more layers.

We had the best time in LA and I can’t wait to visit again. We’re heading out in September for my sister in-laws wedding, first hitting up Las Vegas, I have so many points pinned on the map of where we want to visit! Then we’ll have a week in LA, I can’t wait to explore more places and some of our favourites we went this time.

Have you ever been to LA or Joshua Tree National park and what did you think?

What I’m wearing –
Dress – ASOS
Trainers – Vans

Photos – Shooting Dave

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