A Weekend Get Away

In Bristol

Back in January we headed to Bristol for a weekend to celebrate my Mothers birthday. It was my first time visiting the city and wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully we had a blast and loved the city. It was vibrant, trendy and full of good food, like, so much good food! I would highly recommend a visit.

Speaking of good food, we went for brunch at Spicer + Cole. A great spot to suit everyones dirty needs, I had the biggest hot chocolate and avocado on gluten free toast with poached eggs. You can’t go wrong with a classic!

After brunch we head to the St Nicholas markets for a mooch around. Ending our day with a gin and tonic in a local pub and pizza at the Stables. Let me just tell you now, it was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time. I had minted lamb on mine with a gluten free base. Sadly I didn’t get any snaps, mainly because it was dimly light but also because I was busy stuffing my face.

Spicer + Cole
1 Queen Square Avenue
Bristol BS1 4JA

No visit to Bristol is complete without a visited to the suspension bridge. I also took advantage of the beautiful architecture of the Georgian buildings and got Dave to snap some outfit pictures for me.

Later that day we did an escape room for my Mothers birthday present. I originally thought this would be naff but honestly it was a blast and the Escape Hunt Bristol was a great laugh with really good choice of themes to choose from. We managed to get out in 41 minutes, you get an hour to escape. Pretty pleased with our time!

We also had burgers on a boat, Three Brothers Burgers. It’s such a fun concept and the burgers were great too!
I loved wandering around the riversides and exploring all the restaurants on boats. We also popped onto a boat for a couple of cocktails.


Photos – Shooting Dave

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