Sunday Routines

Coffee Shop Run

It’s becoming our regular Sunday routine to walk one tube stop over and visit our new favourite coffee shop in Balham. Usually getting a spot of brunch while there but this weekend we just fancied stretching our legs and got coffee to go. Its a half an hour round trip and its a great way to kick start our Sunday. Thankfully today we made it back home before the rain came! I am so ready for January to be over, it’s so dark and gloomy. Plus February is my birthday month, so of course I’m bias towards it.

While on the way to the coffee shop, I got Dave to take some snaps. These are taken on his mini point and shot camera. Like I mentioned in this post, I’m trying to get a little more spontaneity into my posts, less planned and more on the go. It’s hard creating content when I work Monday to Friday, especially in winter with dark rainy evenings but I’m sticking to my goals as best I can so far. Trying to commit to my twice weekly posting schedule. So far, so good and I’m still feeling positive and pumped up!

I’m working on a little post about what we got up to last weekend in Bristol. Just need to edit some snaps and that should be with you all at the weekend. As for this outfit, it’s nothing new, you’ve seen all these peices before but I really like them together. Dave said I look like a burgula or one of the baddies from home alone 😏 I think it must be the hat. I am so thankful that I wore the hat, it was bloody windy out there! This beanie kept my hair at bay and stopped my bangs flying all over the place.

What I’m wearing –
Jumper – H&M
Bag & Hat – Topshop
Trainers – Vans
Jacket – Zara
Trousers – New Look

Photos – Shooting Dave

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