Little Orange Bag

What’s in my bag

I love creating these whats in my bag illustrations. I mean I love to be nosey and see what other people have in there bags and this is my fun take on the what’s in my bag style post. One of my New Years resolutions is to create more, create more illustrations and create more content. I’m trying to draw more regularly, making it a weekly occurrence. I mean I love doing it, it’s just finding the time and inspiration to create new art works.

In these illustrations I’ve included some of my most used daily essentials. For travelling across London my oyster card is a must, my iPhone keeps me entrained on the tube. I also never leave home without a lip stick and my compact, just for on the go touch ups.

At the bottom of my hand bag always has a couple of bobby pins and a hair bobble. I never know when my hairs going to get on my nerves and needs to be tide up. My daily perfume (and great for budgets) is Sheer Lovely by SJP. It’s great for daily use as its such good value and smells nice too! I’m not normally one for celebrity perfumes but this one is pretty darn good. If I’m feeling fancy, I wear either Marc Jacobs or Stella McCartney but I keep these for special occasions.

Illustrations by Amy Purfield-Clark

Published by Vintage Reflection

Lifestyle - Food- Travel - Personal Style

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