The Year Ahead

Some thoughts on going into 2019

I often like to make goals and resolutions, although I generally suck at keeping them. There is something about a new year that gets me motivated.
This can be motivated for change and others time to continue doing what makes me happy.

I know resolutions can be seen as a cliche but putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, it helps me focus on what I want to achieve for the year.I am an ambitious person and this helps me focus on the year ahead and make steps toward achieving these goals.Some are long term goals, that I continually strive to succeed at, and others are small wins that I can tick off and turn into daily routine.

I feel I’ve been able to tick off some pretty big “mile stone” goals in my personal life. Like getting married to my best friend and getting a promotion at work. I’m still working towards the big goal of owning a house and clearing the last of my student debt, like I said some things are long term goals but I am focused on reaching them.

Social media As I itch closer to 5k followers over on instagram. The dream would love to hit a big double digits by this time next year. I mean a girl can dream right? Also, that reminds me, if your on Instagram and don’t follow me, fancy helping a girl reach her goal and giving me a follow? 😏

My brain is buzzing with ideas for my content, what I want to create and what I will continue to create. This goes for instagram and this blog. It’s almost to the point where I have to many ideas, that’s when I get lost in the fog and start comparing myself to others but I feel that’s a topic for another day. I am striving to produce the best images I can and it’s full steam ahead.

One of my new (mini goals, if you like) is to free up my insta a little. I often use our professional cameras for my gram and very, and I mean very rarely use iPhone snaps. I’m thinking this year, I will be more spontaneous with my grid and use more iPhone snaps from daily life. Only if the lighting is good and it’s good quality, I can’t let my standard slip that much, I am a perfectionist after all – this is also my down fall, I have to have everything perfect and would rather not post if it isn’t how I envisioned it to be.

I guess what I’m trying to say, in a long winded way is, I want to set myself goals to achieve and make the best content I can. I primarily use this blog as a diary for me to look back on, see my style evolution, it helps me pick outfits if I don’t know what to wear – this comes in handy a little too often! But I do want it to be useful and enjoyable for you to read, I want you to come back time and time again.

Is there anything you would like to see me cover? Have you set any goals or resolutions this year? If you have share them in the comments section. I’d love to know.

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4 thoughts on “The Year Ahead

    1. I know its a beaut! I will talk all about it in my next post 🙂

      Your totally right, its the only way we can grow and develop by setting ourselves goals to aim for. xx


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