Relaxing Sundays

I’ve spent my Saturday having dinner with friends and a couple of G&Ts, then spent my Sunday reading my new magazine and not doing a whole lot else. It’s truly is the best way to spend a lazy Sunday. I wanted to take the time to relax before the busy working week ahead. I feel it’s important to have time to yourself. I like to do this by having a relaxing bath, painting my nails and reading fashion magazines. Not only do I feel totally relaxed ready for the week ahead, I’m inspired by the creativity within the pages of a good fashion mag. How do you like to take time out for yourself?

On a recent shopping trip I came across this magazine. The front cover caught my eye, it’s beautifully illustrated by Ella Masters. Then while flicking through the pages were inspiring and retained my attention, before I knew it I was at the till and taking it home. I’ve really enjoyed my afternoon of  flicking though the pages, it even inspired me to show off some other new bits I picked up on my little shopping trip.

These gold earring are from Freedom at Topshop, I really wanted some smaller earring I can wear daily. I’m loving these gold hoops and they have fast become my most worn earrings. I’ve recently been drawn to all things gold, the geometric candle holder is from Laura Ashely and then adding to my collection are these gold vases. We put these on our wedding John Lewis gift list and so pleased we got brought them. Adding lots of touches of gold into our bedroom. Lionheat magazine making the perfect back drop to show off my new earrings and my favourite lippie, fun fact I brought this for our wedding day and its great long lasting. I even think it’s become my favourite and I might even been converted from my beloved Chanel lipstick. Shocking I know but it’s so rich, creamy and lasts for hours, even after eating. I would highly recommend, even if it’s on the pricey side.

T-shirt – M&S
Skirt – ASOS
Glasses c/o Glasses Direct
Magazine – LionHeart
Earrings – Topshop
Lip Stick – YSL
Gold Varse – John Lewis
Gold Candle Holder c/o Laura Ashley

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5 thoughts on “Relaxing Sundays

  1. I love beautiful magazines like that – I used to be an absolute magazine ADDICT, subscribing to many and buying many more off the newsstands. But they were piling up and up and I’ve had to downsize so many times recently that I had to let a lot of them go…or sell them on ebay. But now I read…uhm, look at the pictures (if I’m being honest) in…a lot of magazines on, do you ever go there?



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