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Over recent years I’ve seen my style change and develop.  It’s funny,  sometimes I look at a dress in a shop and think ‘oh thats cute – but far too old for me’, completely forgetting I’m now a 31 year old woman. I then take shopping trips where the opposite happens and I’m like, ‘nahhh, I can’t wear that item,  it’s too young’.

It’s ironic saying this,  as I’m not a believer in dressing your age;  or because you are a certain age, that  you can no long shop in those once loved stores. I guess what I am trying to say is that I’m aware of how my taste and style have changed  (especially in recent years) and so have the stores I shop in.

I guess our style adapts and grows with us, as we change and develop as people. I look back over my style from the early days of this blog: I wore a lot more vintage, print, all manner of colours, often kitsch random looks. I still have a huge love for vintage styles from past decades, but these days I just haven’t the time to mooch for hours,  searching for that perfect hidden gem.   In truth, as my taste has developed  I’m less into bright prints, plus trends move on all the time.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love a floral dress,  but in recent years I’ve graduated  towards a bolder and darker palette,  rather than pastel tones. I’m also drawn more to moodier  looks and definitely  more black.  You could say I’m becoming slightly more grungy and less retro vintage.

This has gotten deep, real quick… I mean, of course I still love a bloody good print, but I have noticed my style shift more toward block colours. You will have noticed that bold red is my current favourite, this is a good thing as red is simply everywhere at the moment.  Needless to say I’m very pleased about this.

I guess when I wear a floral  or delicate number I  teem it up with a belt, leather jacket or ankle boots to give it a tougher edge.  Back in my early blogging past I enjoyed softer accessories, I was quite smitten with tan leather too.  But  recently I’m drawn to black or bold footwear, so it’s goodbye to those tan brogues.

Back in my early years of blogging, I was all about spontaneously buying a new dress, then sharing it on the blog the same day. I suppose not much forethought or planning went into my look. I was a fashion student, so I would often buy from  cheaper high street stores,  drawn predominately to vintage shops. I so loved brosing local flea markets or vintage stores to create great new looks.

I wouldn’t say I heavily style my looks,  but I guess my wardrobe lends itself to mix and match making it easier to create strong looks. This makes getting ready for any occasion so much easier. I think bolder items means statement looks are simple to create.

To show what I’m on about, I’ve searched the archives of my blog – some outfits make me cringe mercilessly, whereas other outfits I’m like ‘ahh I should dig this out again’  or wish I still owned that item.  It’s fun to reflect on my evolving style.

Some of my favourite posts from years gone by, including these looks one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Can you see a progression  in my style? How has your personal style changed as you’ve matured?


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3 thoughts on “Style Evolution

  1. Hi Amy, I just appreciate that you have stayed true to you (and your budget – mostly!) at every stage of your fashion evolution – I think that’s all any of us can do, unapologetically. You’ve just become more selective and polished. It’s a pleasure to see but has been happening very slowly. Hope you blossom into Spring. 🙂 ~ P ~


  2. This is such an interesting post. How fascinating to look back on your fashion career. I was a total tomboy in my early teens before moving onto a ultra-feminine, 1950s vibe, via rock chick and finally sticking at a mixture of both. Just the other day for example, I bought a pair of gold vinyl trousers and a pair of polka-dot barely theres (not to be worn together, of course) x


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