New Garms Got Me Feelin’ Fine


Here I am wearing some of the goodies I listed in ‘my birthday wish list’ post. I intended to save them until my actual birthday this  Sunday,  but you know me, I really couldn’t help myself and took them for an early test run!
So here I am wearing a great casual outfit achieving that easy, casual Sunday look, just perfect for running errands or catching up with friends. I have pulled on a pair of cropped jeans, a cute tee and grabbed my favourite furry coat. The coat was totally necessary, in fact I could have done with wearing a snuggly jumper too,  because it was bloody freezing outdoors. Brrr!

Now lets talk all about my new garms; just take a peek at my new boots. These lil’ beauties are sooo gorgeous. They have an edgy Dr Marten vibe but with a fashion twist. The chrome buckle style is wonderful (and there’s a handy side zip for convenience too). The designer got the heel height just right too…. and don’t get me started  on the stud detail.   I guess they won my heart and I’ve fallen head over heals in love with them. I’ll let you into a little secret, I actually went shopping with a different pair of boots in mind when I went birthday shopping for them with my Momma, then  just before making the purchase I spotted this boot. When  I showed Momma her response was ‘darling, these are the ones for you, it’s a no brainer!’  So thanks to her stylish eye we snapped these bad boys up.  I didn’t stop there, oh no, take a look at this little bag which I think is so blooming cute. In fact I gave a little squeal when I saw it, but it’s so freaking tiny,  I have to travel light because there’s no room for extras …but the design is so beautiful.

I think I ts the perfect elegant date night bag, fitting just your phone, lippie and bank card  – styled to simple perfection.

Over all,  I feel this look has captured that 1960’s vibe and I dig it.  I’ve decided to  focus more on my wardrobe than my hair and make up in this post because I’ve been trialling a new skincare treatment which causes my skin to peel. It left me with a flushed red face for nearly a week as it does the work.  I will be sharing some snaps about this soon in a dedicated post with you, showing  what my skin looks like a day or two after treatment and then when my skin has fully cleared following the peel.  I’m currently on day four into the peel stage so should have lovely clear skin by the weekend, just in time for my birthday celebrations and Valentine’s Day!

What I’m wearing –
Coat, Boots, T-shirt & Bag – Topshop
Jeans – Oasis
Beret – H&M

Photos – Shooting Dave

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