Designing Our Wedding Invites


It’s been great fun designing and creating our very own, I first shared our  ‘Save the Date’ cards (which you can see here) and now I’m happy to share our main wedding invitations with you too.
Dave and I had played around with themes and ideas and put quite a collection on our private Pinterest board.  After whittling them all down, a clear picture of what we wanted our invitations to look emerged.
Our venue is a retro style fun fair – meets theme park called Dreamland in Margate, UK. We wanted our design  to represent the fun and iconic location with wedding-esque classiness.
Nothing says traditional fun fair quite like a Helter Skelter and Big Wheel,  so these two iconic landmarks of Dreamland became the key features of both designs.

We chose to keep the colour palette to light pastel shades with a few coral and orange toned flowers thrown in to the mix – which I hope to reflect in my wedding bouquet.

You can see that we also placed the pattern I designed for the helter-skelter on the back of the cards to give them texture with a quirky,  fun touch.

I had the inspiration to create a graphic map of the town for our guests, picking out the many fun things to do nearby – such as  avisit the beach, Turner Gallery or even pop along to Shell Grotto. I think this part of the project took me longest to illustrate, getting it just right so it looked like an actual map and be as true to scale as possible.

We picked fancy envelopes too complete the look- well,  the red or blue prints were too beautiful to resist and we feel it gives our stationery that extra special edge.

I’m so pleased with the complete package and we have  had such great responses to the bespoke artwork from guests.  I’ve even had a couple people say I should design invitations and a stationery range for other peoples weddings and events; I’m not sure about that.

What do you think?

We loved creating these very ‘personal to us’ invitations for our big day. As the wedding is bespoke, surely it makes sense to make the stationery reflect me and Dave too?
It brings the date closer and now the countdown is on, with less than four months to go!
I’m so excited, I can’t wait to marry my best friend. Ah sorry guys, that got soppy real quick.

Illustrations – Amy Purfield-Clark
Photos – Shooting Dave

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4 thoughts on “Designing Our Wedding Invites

  1. We designed our invitations too, using the iconic Never Mind the Bollocks album artwork as a guide except ours said “never mind the Beckhams”. Our guests still refer to them 5 years on. As for going into business designing your own – why the hell not? Sounds like a corking idea to me x


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