Five Statement Bags


Now I have lots of hand bags, some designer and some are fashion realitivly cheap bags. When I was younger I would save up and treat myself to a Vivienne Westwood, Mui Mui or Chanel bag but these days I much prefer a bold statement bag. I thought it would be fun to share my favourite five, although as I type up this post I picked up a right cutie today that I can’t wait to share with y’all!

This little patch bag has served me well. Picking it up from Zara over two years ago, this bag has sassed up every outfit it’s been teamed with. From styling it with blush tones, greys and even bright reds it stands out and adds an element of fun to all looks.

This red beauty is a fairly new addition to my collection, picking it up in the Christmas sales. It joins my every growing red bag collection, may have a slight red bag addiction! Thankfully all my red bags are different shapes and sizes so all warrent their purchases!

What I love about this one is the effortlessly chic vibe it gives off, looking designer without the hefty pricetag. The suede and leather combination and that gold hard wear are just dreamy. I’ve already gotten cost per wear out of it and can imagine I will continue to do so.

On a side note maybe I should do a feature on my red bag collection, just a thought!

Now this Cambridge Satchel Cloud Bag is an absolute babe. I bloody love this bag! I was over the moon to receive this for LFW and to have it monogrammed with my nickname makes it even more special.

Im such a fan girl when it comes to CS bags, I just blooming love them. There so Chic, classic and beautifully made. The cloud trim is the cutest thing ever and this will continue to be one of my all time favourite bags each year.

This tapestry bag pays homage to Mui Mui and Gucci but without the mortgage down payment, it’s from Zara and yet again I’m so pleased with this little bag. It’s actually one of those Mary Poppins bags where it fits a hell of a lot inside it.

I always receive compliments when wearing it and it gives that ever so ‘fashion’ touch to any outfit. The floral print is a big win with me and the mixture of shape and little details make it seem a lot higher end than Zara. I mean the level of detail is in credible, it even has little gold bugs on the buckle. Just too darn cute! 😍

This oxblood beaut is again another fairly new addition but bumpped its way into a top five spot for a number of reasons. Well for starters just look at it, dreamy right. The shape is just perfectly vintage, the colour is one of my all time favourites.

It’s devinly made, good old Cambridge Satchel for you! Plus it is actually a very good sized bag, the mini doctor style makes for a good hoarding of lipsticks for every occasion. I feel it goes great dressed up (like I have done here) or worn casually with jeans.

Do you have some favourite bags that you go back to time again?

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3 thoughts on “Five Statement Bags

  1. Love these bags! I never wanted to admit my love affair with handbags until recently but now, especially since I won this GORGEOUS Cambridge Satchel, I’m willing to admit I am selective but completely obsessed! All of these are so cute! Wish I had a Zara close by but it’s worth the drive to the city to shop there! Can’t wait to see your red bag collection! I could probably do one for metallics 😀


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