New Skin Care Regime

As the new year begins,  its hard not to get drawn into the “new year new me” shenanigans; however, one thing I will change in 2018 is change my approach to skin care and improving the condition my skin is in.

I’ve always been prone to breakouts and problem skin. In my teenage years it was thought just to be acne and I was told I would grow out of it.   I’m now 30 years old and still have spotty skin. I am by no means saying I have awful skin, but I do get outbreaks, with sore spots that stick around for days and leave scars.  I cannot lie, there are times it gets me down and I tend to  feel self-conscious about my the appearance.  I know that hormones are partly to blame and I do my best to exert better control with a good healthy diet.  There are times when the spots just hang around far too long for my likening,  even though I’m doing everything I should be doing to have clear skin.

So this is the year I’ve decided that enough is enough!  Plus, with our wedding fast approaching (in May to be precise) I really want to get this sorted out properly.

I’m delighted to share with you about a perfectly timed collaboration with Skin Philosophy that presented itself and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.  I am already seeing good results and thinking happily that by the time I get married in May, my skin will be the best its ever been!

During a consultation with my skincare saviour, Annalouise,  she explained that  “good skin is mainly down to your home regime” and set me up with a new morning and evening routine.

She then undertook a mini facial and applied a pumpkin peel.  It was my first ever time having this kind of facial and oh boy, what a peculiar sensation it was.  My skin felt tingly,  in a nice way – if that makes sense?  For the process to be effective, you cannot wash your face for at least three days following the peel, then as the older skin peels off,  beautifully clear, fresh new skin emerges. It’s wonderful!

I still have a long way to go for completely clear skin,  but for now I’m keeping up with my new home routine and taking care of my skin – loving the philosophy of Skin Philosophy.

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