Turned To The Dark Side


I was lucky enough to get really spoilt this Christmas and as a result I’m wearing lots of my Christmas presents all in one photo shoot- and I bloody love the clash of prints and textures.
 I will admit I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone by mixing up my style. There was a time I wouldn’t even wear jeans and if I’m honest I don’t feel 100% confident in them, but they are bloody practical and easy to wear. It’s silly how we can develop body hang ups. Just like everyone, I have parts of my body I wish were smaller, longer or larger. I think as I’m getting older I am coming to terms with some and think ‘well if I really don’t like it l, I should do something about it’.
One thing I had grown tired of was my hair, I have been itching to cut it shorter for ages, but I know I’d regret it for my wedding in May, so for now I’ve stuck with just one shade of colouring.  You can see I’ve opted for brunette. I guess int’s a mixture of things that made me reach for the dye. Firstly,  a change would really help me resist having my hair chopped shorter. Secondly,  my last colouring didn’t turn out quite how I had hoped for and I can’t really justify getting the balayage corrected at a different salon, when we have so many out goings coming along as we get nearer to our big day.  I’d much rather put that dollar towards something wedding related so I have opted for the dye and I’m pleased with it, I mean how could I not like it, its pretty much my natural colour after all.

Let’s get back onto the reason you’re here instead of me having a counselling session, rambling on…. The Outfit!
So, starting with the beret,  a present from my dear friend Josie. I think it’s safe to say I’m blooming loving a beret this season. I mean I love a hat in any way, but this season its all about feeling fancy French! Ooh la la!
Next up is this blouse, I picked it up in Topshop with Christmas vouchers from my Uncle.  It goes back to what I was saying earlier – I’m trying to push my comfort zone and this blouse is doing  just that.  I know it sounds silly but I never really like wearing V necked tops or dresses and alway opt for a higher, more covered up neck line.  But I love the silhouette and print of this blouse and snapped it up, leaving my hang ups firmly in the changing rooms!
Then we have the shoes that prove to be the pièce de résistance – just look at this pair of leopard print bad boys!   I mean listen, if you don’t love these shoes I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Jokes aside, I did a little squeal when I first spotted them in Office and had to put them on my Christmas list.  Thankfully,  Dave treated me to them.  I warn you now, you will be seeing them a lot for sure in coming blogs.
I’m also sporting a new Cambridge Satchel bag which is such a dream and I can’t stop gushing over it.  So this blog has all my new faves and the Cambridge Satchel will be featured again and again, ( I’m so sorry in advance) let me know if you get sick of seeing it.
What did you receive as your favourite Christmas treat– from someone else or to yourself, haha?!

What I’m wearing –

Beret & Blouse – Topshop
Shoes – office
Jacket – Zara
Jeans – New Look
Bag c/o Cambridge Satchel


Photos – Shooting Dave

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9 thoughts on “Turned To The Dark Side

  1. Love the outfit! You look fabulous, french, and chic – pushing your comfort zone definitely works for you. Also, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Are you going to do something vintage themed?


    1. Glad you like the outfit and I shall continue to push my style. Thank you! We’re getting married in a retro theme park, will be keeping with the vintage vibe. I can’t wait to share more details soon!


  2. Your beret is gorgeous! This whole look is very chic and the shoes are especially fierce! For my Christmas best, my husband bought me this gorgeous sweater– I never would have bought it for myself because it feels TOO stylish for me– but it’s very Perisian chic and I’m in love ❤


    1. Fierce is indeed the best word to describe these shoes! I love that!
      I’m so pleased your husband treated you to a fancy jumper, I bet you look fab in it! x


  3. This is so cohesive & chic. I like to treat a leopard/cheetah print as a neutral, it really allows you not to focus you’re entire look on that pattern. It’s hard not to wear all your new at once, good thing they all look lovely together 🙂


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