Bridal Gang Inspiration

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For my second instalment of my wedding series I thought I’d concentrate on the bridal gang.
I have five bridesmaids, all with different style lengths. I’m loving the braided hair whether it’s a full milkmaid braided style  or a half up half down style with a braid.

I also love green leaf bouquets and soft pastel dresses. I’ve got my eye on a couple of dresses via ASOS. I’m torn between navy shades, blush shades and soft salmon. Eek which colour do I pick, it feels like such a big decision. Do any of you have any advice about how you picked your bridal gangs dresses?

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3 thoughts on “Bridal Gang Inspiration

  1. My gals wore black because I promised them they only had to buy a new dress if they really wanted. I also had 5, only 2 purchased new. I also wanted little black dresses to ground my violet & lime palette. It was 2004! Bolder was better!
    I’m a huge fan of the creamy blush & navy boho vibes.

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