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Every now and then, Dave and I produce a set of images that I’m really proud of. It’s when the location and outfit work together in perfect harmony. This shoot was just that, it’s serendipity – granted it’s not a particularly special outfit, in fact, it’s what I wore when we went for burgers on Friday night, but it felt comfy as hell and I felt like a badass wearing it.
As you know, I like to keep it real on my blog and wear my clothes in many environs. Like most people, I can’t afford to buy new clothing all the time and I guess I like to stick to my vintage roots by recycling and reinventing new ways to wear lots of outfits.

I cannot wear what I want to work. Its tricky working for a high street store, where we are required to wear the brand at work. I like to dress ‘my way’ and it’s slowly pushing out all my treasured vintage gems (and my style evolution) but I will go into that in another post very soon.

Back to this look and fab location; we shot an outfit on Saturday, which I’ve been thinking up for over a week, but on the day, it just didn’t turn out on paper how I envisioned. I guess it didn’t help that I was pulling funny faces in every snap. Truth is, some days I just can’t pose and the vibe doesn’t work or at other times, the outfit just hasn’t captured well on camera, funny how that happens!? Maybe I’ll re shoot Saturday’s look or maybe I’ll just post it and see what you think as I might just be giving myself a hard time being over tough on myself?

How’s Instagram for you? Lately I’ve been getting a bit down with the fluctuations of blogging and Instagram, well, mainly with Instagram. I love my core followers, but sometimes wonder what’s going on… I can gain 20+ followers and lose 15+ daily, it’s so confusing and frustrating. I know it’s about quality followers over fake followers and I shouldn’t care about numbers, but I do and so do the PR companies that I work with, they are all about the numbers, not necessarily the content.
What are your thoughts on all of this? I miss the days when Instagram was fun and not a competitive reflection of my blogging abilities. It just feels like everyone has moved away from reading blogs and they are just on Instagram now. For me, I like to connect with people.

For now I’m just pleased with how dope and badass bitchin’ I look in this post and won’t give a crap about stats and follower counts!

What I’m wearing –

Dress c/o Boohoo

Boots c/o Warehouse

Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency

Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters

Army Jacket – Episode Vintage

Bag – Topshop

Socks – Oasis

Photos – Shooting Dave

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Block The

  1. Hey girl I have a few comments for you today… First off I totally know the feeling of feeling really proud of a certain blog photoshoot. You are right, these pictures turned out amazing in corolation with the outfit and location. That purse is fab and you deserve to feel like a bad ass in this outfit! I too understand the whole Instagram thing and have been experiencing the same type of frustration. It’s like I want to be so much better but it’s so hard because it’s almost like a game now with all of the following unfollowing and such. I will have to go follow you now (dont worry I wont unfllow in a few ays LOL) and I do agree that so many companies perfer numbers over quality content and that really sucks because growth is only so much dependent on ourselves, you know?! Anyways, that’s my food for thought today. Loved the post and am on my way to your insta xx

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  2. I think this is why I stopped blogging, it just feels like people just want pictures but not content. I’ll start blogging again one of these days but I had to step aside because I just wasn’t feeling it.

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