Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom

In these snaps taken in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you can see that Clare (my BFF) and I are ‘twinning’ our outfits.

Here’s the lowdown…whilst preparing for this holiday, I enjoyed planning and discussing the sightseeing itinerary, but in truth, I truly loved talking endlessly with Clare about our outfit choices. We worked out a holiday fashion theme, chose colour palettes, played around with style and silhouette, with bags, shoes, hats and neckerchief. Hours of joy and I think we created a happy vibe for our holiday. It was delightful.

As you’ve read in my previous post, for some time I had saved my precious vouchers received as gifts and treated myself to a whole new holiday wardrobe. I am so pleased I did as it really paid off. This Bardot dress caught my eye, it’s from Miss Selfridge. I found it when mooching through the ASOS website (as you do) for something floral. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy browsing on ASOS, I value the convenience of a seeing a wide range of brands all in one place. The clever people at ASOS have your goodies delivered in just one order, so it makes fashion shopping a breeze, whilst I’m sat snuggled up at home, with a cuppa in hand … no leg work. Ideal!

When my parcel arrived, I was delighted to see just how perfect this lil’ beauty was in real life. I knew it was a winner for Disney and I hope to wear it throughout the coming summer months.

Now, let me tell you about my best friend Clare, she is an absolute H&M devotee, we were chatting away, as we do, planning her outfits and swiping through the H&M website. I zoomed in on this gorgeous spotty dress, loving the vibrant shade of red! It’s so bang on Bardot style trend and I thought it would work perfectly for Clare…. but she wasn’t convinced at first. However, after a lot of cajoling, she was persuaded to order it. I’m glad she did, as I t was a real hit on holiday and she loved it. Clare was chuffed with her choice and I was too as it helped our twinning goal come true!
After all, if you can’t twin with you’re bestie at Disney World, the place where dreams come true….where on earth can you?

I’m now counting the days till I next see my BFF, wishing we lived closer, but it won’t be long till we go and visit for a weekend. For now though, I am reliving happy memories of our wonderful holiday, through these colourful snaps.

Photos – Shooting Dave

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