Summer Goth

I think this look perfectly sums up my love of being a Summer Goth. I’ve always loved a good fabric print but I secretly adore wearing black clothing. I am experiencing something of a change of style having noticed a braver approach to my wardrobe. I have just written a post all about my evolving style, which I plan to share with you in the coming months. I’m working on something fun for the photographs in my blog, that depict my thoughts, well I say thoughts, they are more like ramblings I guess… y’all have that to look forward to 😉

Back to my summer goth analogy, let’s face it, I wore an all black outfit on a day when temperatures reached 36 degrees. I began the day with a bandana tied neatly around my neck, (see full summer goth), however I took a chain strap handbag out with me, full of heavy holiday nick-nacks and as the day went on, the chain strap dug into my arm – ouch! I was suffering for my love of fashion, lol. Remedy – I took the bandana and wrapped it around the handle to protect my sore skin. The only problem with that solution was how hot I felt around my neck. I began to perspire there, which is something I’ve never experienced before.

Even with such long thick locks, I only occasionally get warm along my hair line. Well just look at how much hair I have…. its inevitable I suppose. This heat was unbearable – and I probs have over-shared a little too much info for y’all. Oops! If it wasn’t for the bag issue, I would have persisted with total dedication to my black ‘goth look’.

Its’ pop quiz time – Lets see if you too are a Summer Goth?

Say aye, if you fit the following statements

I wear……

– All black or dark colour outfits, even in the summertime.

– Leather/pleather jackets on hot days.

– Fedoras, hats, scarves.

– Ankle boots or any boots.

– Bandanas or neckerchief.

If you said yes to most of these then your in my gang!

Even if I was a little overheated, I had a fun day at the Disney Hollywood Studios. I really I enjoyed our Star Wars visit, particularly meeting Storm Troopers and the amazingly tall Chewbacca – I bet they were melting inside those costumes.

Dave captured a great snap of Chewie the legendary Wookiee warrior, he was Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon, take a peek here. We queued up to meet him, as you do, it is Chewie after all, how often do you meet a Wookiee? Once our official group photo had been taken, Dave took a couple of cheeky snaps on his own camera. Chewie (without saying one legible word) gesticulated to Dave, indicating he wanted to look at the snaps – and from his reaction, wasn’t best pleased with the results. He pointed to the place where he wanted Dave to position himself to take photos from and then Chewie threw some shapes and poses, as Dave snapped away. Once again, Chewie came over to review the pictures, happy with the results he patted Dave on the back and made his infamous Wookiee howl. It was such brilliant fun and I loved every “sweltering” minute.

What I’m wearing-
Dress c/o Superdry
Sunglasses c/o The Goods Agency
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Bandana – Topshop

Photos – Shooting Dave

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