Black & Blue Restaurant Review

Whilst blogging LFW, Lois and I were invited to review the amazing Black & Blue restaurant under the arches at Waterloo (a girl has to eat!) It’s now on my hit list of favourite eateries, I have to be honest, this food heaven, famed for their steaks for over 25 years is new discovery for me. I was surprised to find their menu offered so much variety, much more than steak, there was fish, chicken, prawns, ribs, burgers and vegetarian options too, we were very much spoilt for choice As I write this post, I wish I was back at Black & Blue, cutlery in hand, glass of vino, ready to tuck in to that memorable meal. I will have to settle instead for the humble tuna salad I prepared for supper.*insert rolling eyes emoji here*. 

It’s a welcoming restaraunt, bright and modern decor and attentive service. Whilst perusing the menu, I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, Black & Blue have an exclusive agreement with Ellis of Richmond and offer a superb quality wine list at reasonable prices. Lois was in the mood for something different and chose her favourite tipple – Baileys on ice.

 It was easy to relax at our table, there was a friendly vibe and attentive staff. So menus at the ready and drinks in hand we chatted away happily, debating on the deal breaker. You know the one, it’s always a tough decision when eating out with friends – starter or pudding? So, scissors, paper, stone later – we opted for starters.

It proved to be an excellent choice as my satay chicken skewers were moist and packed with flavour, it’s a dish I love when cooked well, but I rarely seen on a menu these days. Lois opted for a poached egg on a bed of asparagus spears, smothered with Hollandaise sauce and Parmesan shavings. The food not only looked incredible, it was incredible; we took the snaps and demolished the lot in matter of minutes…. I guess taking photos works up quite the appetite.

Now, I was never a much of a red meat eater and it’s only in the last few years I’ve become a convert to steak Some may say I’m picky, but I’m just not happy if meat is bloody, I can’t face rare meat. Lois, on the other hand loves her steak served as pink and tender as possible, we are complete opposites.

I’ve also come to realise that there’s an etiquette to ordering steak in a restaraunt, there are so many choices of cut, cooking style and then a sauce or naked? As a novice, my lack of knowledge hinders my confidence. I like to request my steak served well done, but I have felt embarrassed in the past when a snooty waiter questions my choice…well done?….and I mean really well done!

On this occasion, as we were eating in the best steak joint in town, I was brave and asked for my steak to be cooked as I like it, plus our lovely waiter didn’t make any remarks about my wimpish blood phobia and helpfully talked us through the many different cuts and choices on offer. All of which are traditionally hung and aged for 28 days to ensure we enjoy the perfect steak.

We both decided on a fillet cut, mine came with a buttery garlic glaze whilst Lois chose a fragrant peppercorn sauce, accompanied by plenty of crispy chips and this huge portion of mixed leaves with Emmental cheese and loads of walnuts, (my personal fave), but Lois isn’t a huge fan, so I happily munched through the whole salad bowl. I was a happy and very full bunny! The steak was melt in your mouth perfection. What more can I say?

 We had such a wonderful and relaxing lunch date, with great service and equally good food. Sufficed and stuffed to the brim, it was soon time to dash back to the madness of fashion week. Thank you to the wonderful staff at The Black & Blue restaurant, Waterloo Arches for looking after us so well. From a newbie to convert, I highly recommend that you treat yourself soon and find your local restaraunt, visit the website here.

Black & Blue
1 Mepham Street,

Photos by Lois & Amy

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