Make Up Plus Event LFW

During LFW we attended the Make-Up Plus event and had an absolute blast! It was fun hanging out in the Lights of Soho Bar, it’s quite quirky, well worth a visit, and right up my street, /after all, I am a woman who appreciates a neon sign!) It was the perfect venue for networking, we caught up with lots of fashion friends and then squeezed in a spot of pampering when Lolo and I were persuaded to have our hair and make up done. Feeling pretty, were ready to rock LFW.

It was great to learn more about the Make-Up Plus app, such a fun way to test out different make up looks -and the app is free to download… what’s not to love? All you do is take a selfie using the app, then apply the filters to test out the various looks. So for example, if like me, you only wear red lipstick, well this is a great way to test out whether a hot pink shade could suit you. What’s cooler still, if you like the make up you’ve tested in your selfie, you will soon be able to click and make a purchase. It couldn’t be simpler, what a great way to buy the products used. Curious? Lois and I tell you a bit more about the Make-Up Plus app in our LFW Day One video, check it out here.

Now, just take a look at all these gorgeous Clinique products, I seriously wish this was my own make up collection. Our look was created by talented Emily, using the dreamy Clinique range. I’ve actually invested in the foundation she chose for me as it offers great coverage and the ideal shade (I’ll do a beauty post with all the details on this soon!).

The delightful Ian from Revlon Professional tackled our barnets’. He used a large curling wand to create soft tasseled curls in Lolo’s hair, before turning his attention to taming my natural curls; we then had cute braids woven in for good measure. It’s safe to say that after our pampering, we were ready to take on anything the fashion world had to throw at us… and we felt as sassy AF 😉

Photos by Lois and Amy.

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