A spa trip with The Well, Clerkenwell


Just before Christmas, with the year drawing to an end and the big lead up to the festivities, we all start to feel the strain of being very busy. I decided it was the perfect time for a treat. I headed to The Well – an urban spa in Clerkenwell, Farringdon Lane for a spot of much needed R&R with my bestie Lolo.

The suburb of Clerkenwell takes its name from The Clerks’ Well, an actual well located in Farringdon Lane. It dates back to the Middle Ages, a time when Parish Clerks across London gathered to perform in annual Mystery Plays, each one based on various biblical themes.  Part of the original well has survived modernisation and remains visible today, now incorporated into Well Court, which is set to become the new hub of Clerkenwell.

So we took ourselves off to the wonderful urban spa, aptly named The Well, at Clerkenwell, London. What an amazing place, embodying all the characteristics of a community well. The Well Urban Spa is sympathetically designed, an entrancing space that you can see is dedicated to relaxation, inspiration and your rejuvenation. I’m sure I would reap the benefits of a regular indulgence; wellbeing is their core theme.


Before I tell you about our treatments, I want to relay to you just how exquisitely beautiful this space was! The peace inducing tranquil sage-green decor is based on the principle that green is a soothing colour on the human eye. After all, it is the colour of nature, and The Well continues this nature theme with birch-wood accents and stone pebbles. Don’t think it’s all subdued, oh no, the tranquility is enriched by decadent textiles, oozing vibrant shades woven through the “Clerkenwell” fabric prints. This design collaboration is with an exciting textile designer – Charlotte Frances London. I adore the pink armchair, it pleases me, as a favourite home decor colour combo is pink and green. The textures have a Scandi feel to them and the furniture placement is spot on. In truth, I wish I could recreate this little spa in my home, its beyond dreamy and I wish my photographs could do it more justice.


Enough of decor, on to our treatments. So after a consultation with our therapists we both decided to go for the Bamford De-Stress treatment. It’s a massage designed to leave you feeling energised and revived ..and boy did we! Here is a little excerpt from their brochure about our treatment :


Tension is a killer, in more ways than one, but the Bamford De-Stress Massage at The Well is designed to ease your worried mind. This targeted massage de-stresses the body from head to toe, starting with a soothing footbath. The gentle, rhythmic massage that follows combines Shiatsu, Meridian and Swedish techniques to encourage lymph flow, sweeping toxins away. Reflexology and leg massage then nurture the positive flow of energy throughout the body, restoring vitality. A powerful detox treatment, this relaxing massage is the ideal antidote to a hectic lifestyle.

Due to a busy schedule, commuting and tension, my muscles knot up, especially around my shoulders and neck. The lovely spa therapist tailored my massage to work on these specific problem areas. She identified that I even had a tension built up in my hands and forearms, I guess its due to physical handling of mannequins and fashion garments at work and my blog typing. After our massages, Lois and I headed upstairs for a glass of bubbly and then onto the pub for a swift Diet Coke and a natter, we were so blissfully relaxed and in a lovely daze like state.

I want to say a massive thank you to The Well Spa for having us and making us feel so relaxed and ready for the 2017, we know where you are and we shall return! 

 Photos by Lolo and Amy

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