Double Lunch Date with BRGR.CO

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I know, I’m a big meanie, fancy sharing these mouth-watering snaps of our burger lunch date with you in January – the month of self-loathing and dieting…. But all in moderation, right? Well, just before Christmas, Dave and I had a lunch date with Lois and her husband Gary, our burger joint of choice was BRGR.CO.  Now if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t come and say ‘Hi!’) you’ll know how much I love good burgers and if you’re a long time blog follower (thank you very much *blows kisses your way*). You will know how much Lois and I love this place, way back in February, we visited the Soho BRGR.CO restaurant during London Fashion Week.

This time though, we took our chaps along with us to the Chelsea Kings Road BRGR.CO and after lunch, we bagged some beautiful outfit shots against local pretty town houses. The last tine we visited BRGR.Co, we lucked out and didn’t try their infamous milkshakes, there was no way we were going to make the same mistake again! Fun fact – as well as sharing a love of burgers, Lois and I love milkshakes too. I enjoyed the ‘festive specail’ Gingerbread milkshake and Lois opted for the ‘classic’ Oreo shake, both were perfectly yummy.


Onto the main event, I munched on the avocado and bacon burger, come to think of it, that’s what I chose last time I visited BRGR.CO. Dave demolished the Blue Cheese Burger with a side of mac’n’cheese. Lois tucked into the Christmas special accompanied by sweet potato fries, her fave and Gary went classic with the cheese and bacon burger with sweet potato fries, I mean you can’t go wrong with them, can ya?


We had a great time, chatting away, discussing our thoughts about the year ahead, sharing future hopes and plans. Lois and I are going to London and Paris Fashion Weeks this year, so blogs and travel are firmly on the agenda.

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We ate, chatted and soaked up the atmosphere and before we knew it, the dessert menu was placed in front of us. You know how it is, even though we were completely full, Lois and I managed to squeeze in a portion of cheese cake with ice cream between us. I am very glad we did as it was totally heavenly!!



We had a fun double date, made even better by amazing BRGR.CO food, great service and good company. Here’s to many more burgers, lunch dates and exciting blog plans in 2017!!
 Photos – Shooting Dave

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