Dermalogica Skin Care Review

With the start of the New Year, it’s hard not to get wrapped up with the pressure to make resolutions and diet or change you’re lifestyle. I mean thats great and all, but not if you set yourself goals you can only keep for some of January. So this year, I’ve set myself realistic targets that are achievable and I can reasonably continue throughout the year. I see it as changing my routine for the better, rather than setting resolutions that fall by the wayside.

My first goal is to look after my skin, as I turn 30 in February and I’ve definitely noticed how my skin is changing. I first noticed the difference when I turned 26, the skin surrounding my eyes began losing some of its bounce back elasticity. Nowadays it takes just one nights poor sleep and my eyes show the tell tale signs for nearly a week. Or if I do not remove my make-up properly, wash, tone and cleanse my face, well lets just say my skin tells me about it! 

Since teenage years, I’ve suffered from spots and I doubt this will ever change, I try to control it best through diet but even then I still get breakouts, especially around my ‘time of the month’. So I’ve teamed up with Pure Beauty to road test their Dermalogica range of their ‘our favourites’ box. It contains, yep, you guessed it, their best selling products. I’m curious, because I’ve used my usual regime for some time now and having never used Dermalogica’s products before, will I be a convert? Lets find out.

img_4551First up, Pre-cleanse
Living in London, it’s fair to say that the pollution effects my skin, This Pre-cleanse product cuts through surface grime, make-up, sunscreens and oil-based debris; readying the skin surface for easy removal. Using dry hands I apply a little and massage it gently, all over my dry face, then wetting my hands, I continue massaging, creating a light and milky emulsion. Finally, I rinse the surface of my skin with lukewarm water.

Making sure all precleanse is removed, I pat my face dry. My skin feels ever so clean, oil free and ready for a thorough cleanse, remember, this is just a pre-cleanse, to help remove the oil and dirt from skin surface. I follow up with a cleanser, which goes below the surface, deeper into the skin layers and removes all contaminants and traces of make-up.


Next stage, Multi-Active Toner
I must admit, spraying on toner took a little getting used to as I’ve never been very good at spraying products directly onto my face, but after a couple of attempts, I am used to it and a total convert. Keeping my eyes closed, I spray the toner all over my face and neck. It helps that its ultra-light, conditions and preps the skin for total moisture absorption, whilst keeping skin smooth and refreshed. It’s best applied after cleansing and before applying moisturiser, it smells great too.


Apply the Gentle Cream Exfoliant
This twice weekly exfoliant has helped improve my skins texture. It has a non-abrasive formula which helps to remove dead skin cells that block pores. This increases cell renewal, boosts complexion and really improves the texture and I can see much smoother skin. I apply a thin layer over freshly cleansed skin, taking care to avoid delicate lip, nostril and eye areas. You will need to leave it on to soak in and activate for between 10 to 15 minutes, this will ensure you get the most from it. I thought it created a mildly stinging sensation initially but this dissipated quickly. Once time is up, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Like me, I’m sure your skin will feel renewed.


Now my skin base is prepared, apply some Skin Hydrating Booster 
I have combination skin which is a nightmare – some parts are quite oily and the rest really dry. The Skin Hydrating Booster is easy to apply, with just a little dab you get a high dose of hydration to those pesky dry areas, which for me are alongside my nose and forehead. I’ve taken to applying a small dot along my upper cheeks continuing up the temples and across my forehead. This helps reduce fine lines and dryness that have been forming lately. I’ve found it has balanced and smoothed my skin and hopefully you’ll agree!


For the perfect finish, add Skin-perfect Primer
I think this is by far my favourite product of this sample box. I’ve used many primers in my time from NAS to Benefit (which I thought was brilliant, until I tried this one) now I really can’t wait to get my hands on a full size bottle of the Skin-perfect primer! 

It’s best to use after applying moisturiser and let it soak in completely, take a smallish amount of primer and say ‘so long’ to fine lines, and ‘hello’ to brighter and flawless looking skin. On those days that my skin is clear, I’ve worn the primer just on its own, it has a slight pigment to it, which really helps even out my skin tone. It can also be worn as a base layer to help aid the longevity of your foundation. It has SPF 30, which is very handy and kindly helps to fight the ageing process. 
I love, love, love the hint of calming lavender scent, it’s so soothing and relaxing as I apply it. I highly recommend this product and it’s on now my birthday wish list!


So, for me this is a change for the better in 2017, no wasted gym membership, but an easy to manage skincare regime and already proving it’s worth…according to the results I can see in the mirror.

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