A visit to Toni & Guy


We all need a little pampering from time to time, with hectic schedules and city life, its nearly impossible to set time aside for a good hair do, let alone a colour and cut (I mean, just look how much hair I have, it literally takes hours to tend!) However, in readying ourselves for our trip to Paris back in the summer, Lois and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get pampered and freshen up our hair styles.
We both work in London, so headed after a busy day to the centrally located Toni & Guy, situated just off Oxford Street.  We were warmly welcomed, finding the staff chatty and friendly, they seated us together for consultations and chatted over what styles took our fancy.  I watched Lois flick through the Toni & Guy style magazine for inspiration as she had grown out her current style. She spotted a model with an undercut and chose this, adding a request for a root touch up and finished off with a light apricot colour application. Lois is much more adventurous than me, I guess I’ve spent so long growing my locks, I wasn’t planning on having an undercut.  Mind you, back in the day when I was 18….so many moons ago, I did change my style quite often, I had a bleached blonde undercut, a bob, layers and I a platinum blonde pixie cut.  These days though, I really like my ‘hair do’ so fancied just a tidy up and colour enhancement, choosing to wear my hair balayage – if you are thinking what is Balayage? Well its a French term, meaning to sweep or to paint colour on. It’s a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks.


Having our colours applied mine by the lovely and ever-so-talented Daniel.
We were offered drinks whilst being beautified. Lois sipped on a nice hot cup of tea and I enjoyed a delicious glass of bubbly  (it had been a particularly tough day) anyway, we were celebrating heading to Paris!  As we chatted away about our preparations, it was soon time for my favourite part “the shampoo’.  I find having a head massaged relaxing, but as this is Toni & Guy, boy did they have a treat in store for us, the chair elevates you up to avoid any neck strain, whilst the chair itself massages you from the neck down, it was so good!

dsc_6563 dsc_6570img_7738img_7733 dsc_6578img_7736
Washed, conditioned and ready for scissor action, Lois was coiffured as you can see with an overall trim and a great undercut, whilst I had a little taken off the ends, a couple more layers cut in and some well needed attention was paid to my fringe. Adam was the gent in charge of my styling, but since I’ve grown my hair swishy and long,  I get a little nervous about having it cut, but I found Adam so knowledgable, it made sense to put my trust in him, it was helped by him having a male version of my hairstyle – sans fringe. 

img_7740dsc_6604dsc_6616 dsc_6686Daniel my talented hair colourist!dsc_6620 dsc_6630Adam and myself, see what I mean about hair twinning!
dsc_6670Lois and her hair stylist and colourist Caroline.
dsc_6673 dsc_6680dsc_6677dsc_6688 Our trip to Toni and Guy was a delightful experience, we both received great service with such fabulous results. For your nearest Toni and Guy salon, click here.

Also visit Lois to see her hair transformation by the Toni and Guy team!

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4 thoughts on “A visit to Toni & Guy

  1. Great hair and lovely soft colour tones. You’ve changed my view of Toni & Guy, I thought they didn’t touch long hair. I’ve learned something& will check them out for my next colour and style. Cheers.

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  2. Great post! I’m afraid from the hairdressers/ hairstyling! I don’t ever go in any of the hair-salons, but now maybe …I just got a little encouragement … Thank you! .)

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